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Do You Have to Pay to Rehome an American Bulldog?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


Depending on the route you choose, you might have to pay to rehome an American bulldog. There are several ways to rehome or surrender your pet. It’s important to understand the cost and implications of each.

If you decide to surrender your dog to a rescue or a shelter, you will most likely have to pay a fee. The surrender fee will vary from shelter to shelter. In some cases, it can be as low as $15, but it can go higher depending on where you live, and whether you are surrendering to a shelter or a rescue. There is no fee to surrender a stray.

Why Is There a Fee? 

Taking care of pets is not cheap, and most shelters and rescues already experience financial strain as it is. When you surrender a pet that you already own, the shelter or rescue will incur additional costs. Charging a fee helps them cover some of the costs of housing and caring for your dog while he awaits adoption.

Is It Possible to Rehome Without a Fee? 

You can rehome your American bulldog without paying a fee by finding your dog a new home on your own. Maybe you have a friend or family member that’s been looking to adopt a dog? Letting them adopt your pet could make the transition easier on everyone. Even if you don’t personally know someone who is ready to adopt, there are other ways to rehome your American bulldog.

While rehoming on your own might seem confusing at first, there is a program that can give you step-by-step instructions on finding your dog a new home.

Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com is a peer-to-peer adoption platform that provides owners with advice and tools to promote their pets and safely find them a new family. Once you sign up you can set up a profile for your pet and add a bio, photos, and videos.

The bio is the perfect place to let prospective adopters know more about your American bulldog. What quirks does he have? How is his temperament? How does he get along with other animals? Once your pet’s profile is ready you will be able to publish is directly to Adopt-a-Pet.com. From there the millions of potential adopters that visit the site every month might see your dog’s page.

Additionally, Rehome is free for owners and you will not have to pay a fee to post your dog or transfer ownership once you find him a home. Rehome is a safe, secure, and reliable way to help you find the perfect home for your American bulldog.

When you rehome on your own you aren’t just avoiding a surrender fee, you’re also giving yourself the ability to choose the ideal home for your pet. After all, you want your dog to have a happy life even though he is no longer with you. 

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