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How Long Does the Humane Society Keep Catahoula Leopard Dogs?

by Adopt a Pet, | February 7, 2024


The Humane Society will typically keep Catahoula Leopard Dogs for between five and seven days. However, many factors can affect the hold period. Different locations, for example, may have different policies and hold times. In some cases, the hold period could be as low as 48 to 72 hours. Before you choose to take your dog to the Humane Society to surrender him, make sure you understand the policies.

Get in touch with the Humane Society or other shelters you’re considering in your area. Ask them about their policies and how long they hold dogs. Shelters want to keep dogs longer, but because they have a limited amount of space, they can’t. Ideally, the dogs will be adopted out of the shelter within that time, but it doesn’t always happen.

In those cases where a dog has been brought to the shelter and is a stray, they may have a longer hold period. This ensures that the owner has time to find the dog.

Options Other than Shelters

While a shelter is one option when you need to give up your Catahoula Leopard Dog, it’s not the only option. When you’re looking at shelters, consider looking at rescues in your area, too. Rescues have no-kill policies, and dogs can stay at the facility until they’ve been adopted. Like shelters, they’ll likely have a surrender fee.

One of the other things to keep in mind regarding rescues is that they’re usually full. Owners prefer rescues to shelters, which means the facility might not have any room when you need to give up your dog.

Fortunately, you still have other options if you have to give up your dog. You can put in a little time and work to rehome your Catahoula Leopard Dog. First, think about all of the people that you know. This will include your close family and friends. Let them know that you have to give up your dog and see if they or anyone they know is interested in adopting. This can be a fast way to find your dog a good new home.

You should also consider asking your veterinarian if they might know someone looking to adopt a large dog. They tend to be good judges of character, so you can trust that they’ll only suggest people that they feel would be a good fit for your Catahoula Leopard Dog.

There is also the option of finding an owner online. Naturally, you’ll want to be sure that you find someone that’s trustworthy and that will be a great new owner. Therefore, you should consider using a pet adoption site like Rehome.

With Rehome, you can set up a profile for your dog. This profile lets you create a detailed bio that will let potential adopters know all of the most important information about your Catahoula Leopard Dog. Of course, you can also add photos and videos of your dog. Once you review the applications, you can choose the new owner. This site gives you control over who gets your dog, and it’s free for owners to use. 

Photo Credit: Vicki & Chuck Rogers

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