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How Much Does It Cost to Surrender a Pit Bull?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


The cost of surrendering a pit bull depends on several factors, such as your state, and the type of organization you choose for your pet. For example, if you surrender your dog to a rescue, the fee could range from nothing to a few hundred dollars. If you surrender your pit bull (or American pit bull terrier) to your local government-run shelter, the fees typically range between $50 and $150.

Options and Costs of Surrendering a Pit Bull

If you’ve exhausted all resources and decided you can no longer keep your pit bull, there are various ways to find him a new home.

Animal Shelter

Average Cost: $50 to $150

Your local animal shelter, whether run by the municipality or an organization such as the SPCA, is usually the fastest and most commonly used way to surrender a pet. The outcome for animals entering a shelter varies from place to place, and it may be a stressful environment for your pit bull. Some pets become very anxious in a shelter environment and have a hard time finding a new home. Your pet’s risk for euthanasia depends on whether the shelter operates on a no-kill basis, which means they don’t euthanize for space, and only very sick or aggressive animals are put down. However, others have no choice and must euthanize more frequently due to high intake and limited space to house homeless pets. It’s important to do some rehome_research on the shelter you’re considering before surrendering your pet.

Rescue Group

Average Cost: Varies

Some rescue groups focus on pit bulls (also known as American pit bull terriers), and most will work hard to find great homes for the dogs they take in. The problem is that rescues are smaller and are often at capacity, so it can be challenging to find one with space for your pit bull. If you can find one with space, rescues are another option to consider.

Rehome Your Dog Yourself

Average Cost: $0

If you can keep your pet a bit longer, rehoming is often the best option for your pet. It allows you to choose the home he goes to, so you’ll know he’s entering a safe and stress-free situation. It may take some time, but rehoming does provide peace of mind, knowing you’ve given your pet the best possible outcome.

Many pet owners aren’t sure where to start when it comes to rehoming an animal, but resources are available to help. Sites like Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com make it easier to find the perfect home for your pet. At Rehome, you’ll find valuable information about ways to keep your pet, and if that’s not an option, you’ll receive guidance from pet adoption experts throughout the rehoming process. 

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