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What Does It Mean to Rehome an Australian Cattle Dog?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


To rehome an Australian cattle dog means that you take the time to find a new home for your dog rather than just relinquishing them to a shelter. While using shelters and rescues is still an option, it should be the last option. Rehoming the pet is better for the animal, and it will be better for your peace of mind. Knowing that you did everything you could to ensure your pet goes to a great home will help you feel better about your decision.

Tips for Rehoming your Australian Cattle Dog

When you are rehoming your dog, you can’t simply give your dog to just anyone. You need to know that the people who will be getting your dog can provide them with love, care, and a good life. For this reason, you should avoid using places like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist to list your Australian cattle dog. You never know who is on those sites.

Some might want your pet for reprehensible purposes, such as for fighting or labs. Others might be cruel to animals, or they might not have the room or the resources to properly take care of your dog. You want to avoid those people.

Whenever you are rehoming your pet, you should also make sure that you charge a rehoming fee. This is so that the person who is adopting the pet has a financial stake in the animal. Those who have bad intentions are not likely going to pay a fee for an animal.

Always take the time to rehome_research the person or family who is going to be getting your dog. You want to put in the effort to make sure your pet has a good home.

Another option that you can consider when rehoming is your family and friends. If you have someone close to you that is looking for a dog, they may want to adopt yours.

Use the Rehome Platform for Your Australian Cattle Dog

Of course, rehoming can be a difficult process if you try to do everything on your own. You may find that using the Rehome platform from Adopt-a-Pet.com is the best solution. One the site, you can create a profile for your pet and add information that the prospective adopters will see.

When you create the profile, you want to be honest about your dog and provide as much information as you can. Let people know about the dog’s personality – both good and not so good traits – and their medical needs if they have any. Be honest about behavioral problems and whether the dog does well with other animals and people or not.

You can also learn how to determine which potential adopters will be a good match for your dog. No one wants to have to give up their dog. However, being such an integral part of the process for rehoming helps you feel much better about the process. You can be sure that your dog gets to go to the best possible home that will care for their needs.

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