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What Does It Mean to Surrender a Border Collie?

by Adopt a Pet, | February 8, 2024


To surrender your border collie means that you’re giving up your legal rights to your dog. You can surrender your dog at an animal shelter, for example. Once you have signed the paperwork and they have taken your dog, they’ll take him and place him into the shelter, where he will stay until he is adopted, or until they can no longer hold him.

You must understand the basics of what will happen when you surrender your border collie. You should also know there are better options than bringing him to a shelter or even a rescue.

Surrendering Your Dog to the Shelter

First, you should know that you can’t simply drop your border collie off at the shelter unannounced. You need to get in touch with the shelter or the rescue where you want to bring your dog first. The rescue will let you know if they even have room at the facility for him. Many rescues are filled to capacity and can’t take on new animals. The shelters will ask questions about your dog and will want to know why you need to surrender him. The same is true of rescue.

This is because they want to be sure you don’t have the option of keeping the dog. For example, some of the common reasons for surrendering a dog include behavior problems and not being able to spend enough time with him. The organizations can provide you with resources that can help with these and other problems. They might have the numbers of local doggy daycare facilities, for example. They could also know local trainers that could help.

Ultimately, they want to have you keep your dog. It’s best for you and him, and it will ensure that the shelters are not as crowded.

If you still have no other choice, you can set up an appointment to bring him to the shelter. When you surrender him, you’ll likely have to pay a fee. The price for surrendering your dog can vary based on the facility. Generally, the cost of surrendering will be between $50 and $150. Once you finish the paperwork, you’ll relinquish your legal rights to your dog.

Once he has been brought into the shelter, they’ll try to find someone who will adopt him as soon as they can. However, this is not always possible to find your dog a home, even when you have a wonderful border collie. If this is the case, your dog could be euthanized after spending a certain amount of time at the shelter, so they can make room for more incoming dogs.

Consider Rehoming Your Border Collie Instead

Rather than surrendering your border collie, consider rehoming your dog. Whether it is with a friend who has been looking for a dog or someone that you find through the Rehome platform, it ensures that he gets the home that he deserves. You’ll have far more peace of mind knowing that he’s in a loving home rather than scared at a shelter.

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