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What is the Best Way to Rehome a Dog?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


The best way to rehome a dog is to try to find him a new home yourself. This way, you will have full control over who your dog’s new family is and can ensure it will be a good fit. You’ll find many resources are available to help you along the way and to make it easier to match your dog with a family that will love her as much as you do.

Not Sure Where to Start? 

There are many ways you could go about searching for a home, but some aren’t as safe as others. Instead of listing your pet on a classified site or Facebook yard sale site, consider using a website called Rehome. 

This website was created just to help pet owners like you who are faced with the need to give up their pet and want to do so in a safe and responsible manner. Rehome puts a host of resources at your fingertips, all of which are designed to simplify the process of locating a great home for your dog. Here’s how it works:

  1. Upload a Pet Profile: You can even include a video to help your pet get noticed.

  2. Review Applications: Rehome will notify you every time someone shows interest in your pet. They even offer screening guidance to help you choose the ideal home.   

  3. Meet Adopters: Rehome provides tips for a safe meet-up and advice about what to look for in potential adopters.

    Once you’ve found a home, the new family will be able to access the pet’s medical records (that you’ll upload) right from the Rehome site. 

    Rehoming your pet should always be a last resort. Whether the pet has behavior issues, you’re having financial problems, or you just think you’re too busy to keep your dog, there are resources available to help you work through those problems. Check the Keep Your Pet section on the Rehome website for advice.  

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