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Where Can I Put a Chihuahua Up for Adoption?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 11, 2024


You can put a chihuahua up for adoption in many places both online and offline. However, you will want to make sure that you are choosing the best places to let people know your pet needs to be adopted.

Don’t Use the Typical Online Classifieds

You should stay away from certain types of websites to list your pet, including many of the online classified ads. These sites have no way to determine whether the person who wants to adopt your dog would be a good fit or not. You do not know whether they can provide your dog with everything they need, including a loving home. Naturally, you want your pet to have a great place to live, where they will be happy and taken care of properly. These sites are too much of a gamble.

Rescues Could Be an Option

You could find rescues, including those that specialize in small breed dogs like chihuahuas that could take your dog and help to get it adopted. Once you relinquish your pet to these facilities, they can try to find the right people to adopt your dog. Some shelters will do the same. You will want to examine the policies of the rescues and shelters you are considering so you can ensure they will be the right choice for your pet while they await adoption.

Consider Using Rehome for Your Pet

Another option that should be high on your list when you are putting your chihuahua up for adoption is Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet.com. This is one of the easiest and safest ways for you to get your pet adopted. Instead of giving your pet to a shelter or trying to find them a home through an unsafe online classified site, you can use this free service.

Pet owners who are unable to keep their dogs can create a profile for the pet on the site. They can include a bio of the pet, along with photos and videos. You can let the potential adopters know more about the personality of the pet, as well. Let them know whether the dog is good with other animals and with kids, for example. This ensures that the adopters have a better idea of whether this will be the right dog for them or not.

Rehome has a range of tools and guidance available for owners as they get everything set up on the site. They even include a thorough application with tips on what good answers might be to the application questions. This can help you to determine whether the person would be a good option for adopting your chihuahua or not.

This service is free to the pet owner, and the adopters will only need to pay a small fee that’s about the same as what they would pay at a shelter.

Whether you need to put your chihuahua up for adoption because you can’t take care of the pet financially or physically any longer, or because you have to move, you can find a perfect home for them. Let Rehome help make it possible.

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