Gabriel was skateboarding in across a bridge in L.A. one day when he came across an unexpected sight – an abandoned dog laying in filth, too weak to move. The dog was rail thin and covered in ticks. Gabriel, while not a rescuer himself, knew what to do. He called Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws, who is known for helping even the most helpless of homeless dogs in Los Angeles. With Gabriel’s help, Eldad was able to rescue Dennis (as they then named him) and get him off to the hospital for emergency treatment. As you’ll see in the video, not every rescue has a happy ending (and we warn you that this is an extremely emotional video) but without people like Gabriel – heroes like Gabriel – abandoned pets like Dennis would never even be given the chance to survive. While we’re overcome with sadness over the tragic way this story ends, we are filled with hope that homeless pets have guardian angels because there are people like you and Gabriel in this world. To anyone who has ever acted on behalf of an animal in need, we thank you. <3