We usually cover very serious topics here on our blog, important stuff about helping homeless pets, rescuing dogs, cats and other creatures, ways volunteers and shelters are working hard to save lives… and then… there’s doggie-mail and kittie-mail. Step into the petcentric online gallery here: http://www.petcentric.com/Fun-Games/Doggie-Mail.aspx and you’ll see what we mean! It’s some very silly talking pets that invite you to customize your online message by either choosing one of the three dogs or three cats, or making it even more silly fun, uploading your dog or cat from your computer or Facebook.  Then you choose a painting from the gallery… well, I don’t want to give all the fun away! If you’re looking for a little diversion in your day, or a unique and creative way to add your voice to your pet’s photos and send out a birthday or other greeting to your friends or post a very important message on your Facebook page!

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