In an art exhibit in Taoyuan, located in northern Taiwan, a Taiwanese photographer named Tou Chih-kang hangs his portraits on the walls.  But he is not like other artists because Chih-kang is also a hero for animals. Visiting Taiwanese animal shelters for over two years now, he has been taking more conventional and formal style pictures of shelter dogs as if he were snapping human portraits. Hoping to capture their distinct personalities and create a sense of dignity for these discarded beings, some think that Chih-kang’s pictures make the dogs themselves look almost like people.

His beautiful, soulful canine photographs celebrate their lives. Lives which unfortunately ended all too early. By using art to affect change, Chih-kang hopes to educate the public on proper pet care. He also wishes to shed light on the thousands of shelter dogs Taiwanese authorities put to sleep each year, which is estimated to be approximately 80,000 stray dogs. For more on Chih-kang’s story, and to leave a comment thanking him for helping encourage his country to take animals more seriously, click here.

We at wish to give thanks to all the heroes out there helping animals. Through Chih-kang’s dedication and artwork, he proves that no matter where you live or how you choose to make a difference, we can all be a part of saving lives. Did you like this article? Click an icon below to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and more!