If you are one of the amazing people who has opened your homes and hearts to care for a stray dog or cat until they find a permanent home, we understand that a main priority is to get that pet in front of as many eyeballs as possible. The more people who see the pet, the more likely one of those people will want to adopt her or him, right? Well if you are caring for a pet that is not fostered through a shelter or rescue, you can create a Rehome profile and millions of potential adopters will be able to view them! Rehome isn’t just for families that currently own a pet and can no longer care for them. It is also for people who are fostering or are caring for a stray or abandoned dog or cat and want to help them find a safe and happy home.

If the pet you are temporarily caring for was found, there are a few steps you may want to take before posting to Rehome:

  1. Make sure the dog or cat has seen a vet. A vet will be able to check for a microchip and ensure the animal is healthy. This information will be important for potential adopters to know when they are considering bringing the pet into their home.
  2. Even if the pet does not have a microchip, you will want to make sure she or he does not have a family. Posting signs in your neighborhood is a great way to advertise that you found a pet in case the family is looking for them. For tips on how to find a lost pet’s family, check out our Lost and Found Pet Guide.
  3. If no owner has been located after taking these precautionary steps, it is safe to post on Rehome to help find the animal a family.

Creating a Rehome profile is easy, fast, and free. Follow these steps and your pet will be posted in no time:

  1. Start on the Rehome homepage and click Get Started
  2. Fill out some basic questions about the cat or dog you’re posting, including whether they were found, abandoned, or fostered.
  3. You will then fill out key facts about the cat or dog such as if they are good with other pets, are microchipped, and if they have special needs.
  4. Now comes the fun part! Upload some of the fun, cute, quirky pictures of your temporary pet to really show off their personality. Pro tip: profiles with videos tend to get more views! Add a video or two to make their profile really stand out.
  5. It’s time to use your creative writing skills next. You’ll be asked to share the story of the cat or dog you want to rehome. The more unique and detailed the description, the better! When people are thinking about adopting a pet, they want to be able to picture exactly what it would be like to live with that pet. Are they snuggly? Do they snore when they sleep? Do they have any special talents? What are their likes and dislikes? You get the idea!

Check out these great examples of Rehome pet profiles!

Once you’ve entered all of these details, you’re ready to post! Our Rehome team will review the profile you created and once approved, will make it live on our website. The cat or dog you are caring for will then be searchable on Adopt-a-Pet.com.

Applications will soon start to roll in and it will be time to choose a new home for the cat or dog. Need help deciding who is the best fit or setting up a safe in-person meeting? Our Rehome team has tips and tricks to share with you to make these processes easier! Plus, as soon as your choose the perfect new home for the cat or dog, we will help you finalize the contract and share vet records with their new family!

If you are temporarily caring for a fostered or found dog or cat, consider creating a profile on Rehome and make the process of finding a forever family simple!