Nothing brings us more joy than spreading a bit of happiness by helping the vulnerable animals around us. That’s why we were so excited when our friends at the Advantage® brand offered $100,000 in Advantage® II cat flea protection to the shelters and rescues in our network. We received so many passionate grant applications from organizations in need. It was difficult to choose just 30 organizations, and we want to thank all those who applied for the Little Acts Big Help Advantage® Grant Program. And, a huge thanks to our compassionate sponsors at the Advantage® II brand for making this grant program possible.

Congratulations to all of the recipients! Check out their stories, learn more about the good work they do, and how Advantage® II will help them save more animals in the slideshow below.

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Winging Cat Rescue Inc

Who they are: Winging Cat Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue in the state of Georgia. They are an all-volunteer, foster-based rescue group dedicated to saving abandoned cats & kittens from other local shelters.

“Seeing cats and kittens who would have been euthanized or discarded as unwanted, survive, thrive and find homes, working with like-minded people who go the extra mile for the group and each other, knowing we can’t save them all, but seeing the difference we have made and do make each and every day – that is the definition of rewarding. Some days it is hard to see – when kittens fail to thrive in spite of all you can do, when people are cruel or just don’t care or don’t want to know – but that is when we have to just keep trying and remember what has been accomplished,” said Kathy Sheffield, a member of Winging Cat’s board of directors about the work they do.

The volunteers at Winging Cat Rescue agreed that the Little Acts, Big Help grant couldn’t have come at a more needed time.

“We fully vet all our rescues – spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping – the first thing all rescues get is flea treatment and that is ongoing for as long as we have the cat or kitten in our care. Having a supply of Advantage® II would be a huge help with reducing our veterinary expenses – we could devote the funds usually spent for flea treatment for other needed services,” Sheffield added. “We are an all-volunteer rescue – all our funds go to care of our rescued cats and kittens. Like many other non-profit groups, we have had a decrease in donations with the pandemic – we depend on donations to function – and kitten season has no respect for the situation. I cannot emphasize enough how much help this would be for our rescue. We are a small foster based rescue and our biggest expense by far is for veterinary care.”