horsesAs a little girl growing up in New York City I did not have much interaction with horses. I recall seeing the carriage horses waiting for tourists outside of Central Park and felt a sadness as I knew if they had a choice they’d likely choose to be running in pastures with their kin. Through my work in rescue, I’ve become increasingly aware of the plight of these sensitive, majestic creatures. Too often the needs of humans trump even the basic needs of these gentle giants. And it takes gentle humans with giant dedication to remedy this. Tawnee and Jason Preisner, founders of NorCal Equine Rescue, are just such dedicated souls. They live and breathe their commitment to all animals and are true angels to horses in need.

While the contribution made by Tawnee, Jason and everyone at NorCal Rescue to the greater good for horses is far-reaching in and of itself, this duo’s commitment to making a difference permeates everything they do. Having seen how hard it was to adopt out pairs of horses who loved each other and needed to stay together, Tawnee and Jason decided to adopt a sibling group of humans so they could be together!

They also live a compassionate lifestyle that includes not eating animals and always rescuing others in need if the situation presents itself. Just this week they bought an emaciated goat being sold for $5 at auction. Sadly, the little guy was so weak that he did not make it through the night. At least he passed away amid kindness, with Tawnee stroking his head.

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PiaPia blogs often at The Daily Wag on, the home of episodes from Francesca and Sharkey – Martha Stewart’s two dogs. Dr. Pia Salk is a psychologist, animal welfare advocate, and expert on the human-animal bond. Pia frequently highlights the important role that animals play in our lives and how our societal treatment of animals conveys important messages to our youth. In her own work, Pia often credits the animals as being “the real therapists.”

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