Black Friday in the US is the Friday right after Thanksgiving. Many of us  get a holiday day off from work or school, and what better way to spend that free day than… shopping for a new pet to adopt! Just like retail stores, many animal shelters offer special sales to kick off the holiday pet shopping season on this day. Just because you shop for a pet to adopt on Black Friday and appreciate a good deal doesn’t mean you take the responsibility of adopting a new pet any less seriously! Why not have a little fun with joyful season of giving by giving a homeless pet a loving new home for the rest of his or her life. To go along with the Black Friday theme, some shelters and rescues may offer even more special promotions for black pets! Black cats especially will often get a wonderful package or present to go along with them this time of year, since some organizations put them in the back around Halloween to keep them safe from impulse or novelty adoptions. We happen to think black pets (well, all pets!) bring luck and joy into their new home. Black Friday just happens to be a fun day to go on, indulge yourself, adopt a black or any-other-color pet from your local animal shelter or rescue!