If in exchange for a couple of clicks of your mouse a donation would be made to help homeless pets start a new life, would you click?  If tweeting one simple message could give funding grants to shelters and rescues to save the lives of pets in your own neighborhood, would you tweet it? Of course you would. And now is your chance! Throughout the month of May, Adopt-a-Pet.com is holding the Happy Beginnings Retweet-athon! For every @AdoptaPetcom follower who retweets our special Happy Beginnings message, $1 will be donated – up to $15,000! – to Adopt-a-Pet.com’s Happy Beginnings Fund, which distributes grants to animal shelters and rescues to fund their life-saving work! Here’s how it works and how you can easily take part:

1. Follow @AdoptaPetcom on Twitter by clicking the follow button below.

2. Retweet the message below to share this important campaign with your Twitter following. Share now. Share often!

3. Spread the word! Tell others to join the Happy Beginnings ReTweet-athon and let’s help more pets.