Guinea PigGuinea pigs are gentle, sweet pets who have a docile nature – not to mention are totally adorable! They respond to being handled, fed, and pet, and are also relatively easy to take care of making them a popular and fun pet for families. Guinea pigs thrive in groups and are social animals who love to bond with others!

If you’ve never had a guinea pig before you might wonder what they eat. Grass is the guinea pig’s natural diet and it’s also good for them to feed on fresh grass hay (called timothy hay) as well as food pellets. Interestingly enough, unlike other mammals yet similar to humans, guinea pigs need vitamin C in their diet and rely on getting it from their food sources as their body can’t make it. They require about 25 mg of vitamin C daily, which can be obtained through fresh, raw fruits and vegetables or supplements.

Making sure your guinea pig is getting sufficient Vitamin C is key, and there are specific signs to look for in order to tell if your he or she is Vitamin C deficient, to learn those click here. For more information on how to make sure your guinea pig is getting enough Vitamin C and how to tell if they’re not! Also, check out the many fabulous guinea pigs we have listed for adoption on by searching here. Make sure you have enough Vitamin C for two – you just might  find your furry friend to adopt today!