At, we’re not just passionate about pet adoption, but also about programs that help people keep the pets they already have in their family.  One thing we especially love are pet-friendly employers!  The encouragement and backing of an employer can help prevent pets from being relinquished to an

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imal shelters.  It’s also beneficial to the company; evidence shows that a pet-friendly atmosphere leads to a more productive work setting and happier office culture, especially in companies where dogs are allowed to come to work with their owners.  Some employers even offer employees partial reimbursement for pet sitting or offer pet health insurance as part of their benefits package.  We’ve heard of several companies that have adopted a few rescued cats and allowed them to live in the office. Here at, we not only take our pets to work, we basically work for them… they kind of run the show, keeping us inspired until every pet has a home.


A great example of a company that supports pet adoption is TargetCW. TargetCW, a payrolling company dedicated to customer service, is teaming up with to help homeless pets by offering a matching donation program to their employees, and by providing an pet search right on the company’s web site.  And… best of all, they’ve offered to reimburse their employees up to $100 for adoption fees!

Is your employer pet-friendly?  We’d love to hear all about it.  Email us at and let us know what your company is doing to encourage pet adoption or to support healthy pets.