WhatAboutDaisy-300x300Daisy was born blind and deaf and was passed around through many homes before finding her happy forever home. Because of the instability and her special needs, Daisy didn’t know how to be a dog when she came to Maryam and Bruce her knew owners.  Daisy was afraid and anxious, and it would take another dog who could be her eyes and ears for her to be rehabilitated. It turned out Olivia was just the dog for the job.

Daisy instantly bonded with Olivia but not with her new parents, and it took eight months for Daisy to connect with them. Every day they worked on gaining her trust and letting her accept touch.  Now Daisy kisses and cuddles, walks and wiggles, and is a happy, healthy, playful pooch. Daisy’s parents hope to be a support system for other families willing to open their homes and hearts to special needs animals.  As they say, she may have needed to learn how to be a regular dog but ultimately they believe they were the students and Daisy the teacher.

To date Daisy has visited more than 1,500 students throughout California to teach them about tolerance and acceptance of special needs children and animals. Daisy’s strength and courage inspired Maryam to write a children’s book called “What about Daisy?”  This inspiring children’s story about a deaf and blind rescue dog in search of her forever home, and the adventures she has with her 4 and 2 legged friends, will entertain and warm your heart.

To learn more about Daisy or get a sneak peek into her book, check out www.whataboutdaisy.com