There are many reasons I’m in awe of cats.  Number one, they’re so cool, calm and collected!  Number two, they’re confident – brazen even.   Personality wise alone, there is a lot I can learn from a cat!

A third reason I’m amazed by felines is that despite their independence, they have huge emotional capacity.  Cats feel things and express themselves accordingly.  For example, when kitties are stressed or frightened, often they begin to rapidly shed out of anxiety.  Just like us, felines also get stressed when they go to unfamiliar places or meet new beings.  This is a common occurrence in situations such as, say, visiting a veterinarian’s office!

Cats don’t get to write in their journals, or go to therapy, or have a cocktail.  Their psychological response to panic, fear, or strangeness is often just to shed.  So have extra compassion for your feline friend when your clothes are extra full of their hair, and give them plenty of love and kindness to ease their concern. For more information and insight on kitty shedding, click here!

Well, I guess that’s actually another reason to admire cats.  I wish all I did was shed when I got nervous!