by Katie Kirnan

“I’ve always wanted a diagram to evaluate Zelda’s poo, and now I’ve got it.  And although I hope we’ll never use it, I now feel very well-versed in the doggy Heimlich maneuver.  This book rules.”—Seth Rogen

What could easily be an inaccessible, tedious read is instead a thoroughly entertaining reference guide thanks to Adopt-a-Pet.com co-founder and lifelong animal advocate, Amy Luwis, who has created one of the best dog books on the planet:  For Dog’s Sake!: A Simple Guide to Protecting Your Pup from Unsafe Foods, Everyday Dangers, and Bad Situations

“This has to be the cutest serious book I’ve ever seen. The cartoon dogs on every page are a riot and engaging and worth the price of the book alone. The actual information inside is equally good.”—Top 1000 Reviewer Vine Voice

While many dog health resources are already out there, none of them are like Amy’s book. Sure, some of us may own a sturdy, 400-page veterinary tome (that we’ve never opened), and while these are full of excellent information — and guaranteed to impress any guests in your home — they’re also long, difficult to read, and devoid of illustrations.  More importantly, their inaccessibility makes it less likely that a dog parent will pick it up and read it.

Amy’s book is the opposite and will most likely be dog-eared from day one. For Dog’s Sake! covers a lot of vital topics, from the Heimlich Maneuver, to rescue breathing, to dressing a wound, to toxic substances and somehow Ms. Luwis manages to make it all so adorably cute and easy to understand!  Luwis also tackles unsavory, but crucial topics like poop and yes, she makes poop look cute, too. There’s a Review Quiz at the end of the book for the studious and an excellent section dispelling the myths of shelter dogs.  I think it’s safe to say that Amy’s book is a treasure trove of life-saving information.

While dog parents seem like the go-to audience for this book, For Dog’s Sake! is really for anyone in the dog world — vets, dog-sitters, shelter employees, pup lovers, and hey, why not, any dog out there who can read. (And if you are a dog and you’re reading this, wow. Just… wow.)
As if all of this wasn’t compelling enough, a portion of the book’s proceeds will help sick and injured homeless pets through Adopt-a-Pet.com’s Veterinary Care Fund. So, by purchasing this book, you’re not just helping your dog — you’re helping other dogs and animals in need, too!

Amy’s book is published by Andrews McMeel.  For more information, visit:  ForDogsSake.Rocks and be sure to follow Amy for more dog tips and cartoons @RedandHowling.