Almost every single rescue group and every shelter charges an adoption fee, and each group sets their own fee. Rescuing pets is expensive work! The rescuer often pays to have the pets spayed or neutered if they aren’t already, provides vaccines, and pays for all medical care needed while the pets are in their rescue. Some rescuers don’t have a facility and run out of foster homes, so they must pay to have the pets boarded while they try to find them homes. Food, beds, leashes, collars, tags, grooming…it all adds up.

If the rescuer took a pet out of the animal shelter, they have paid the shelter’s adoption fees. Even with adoption fees, rescuers are often thousands of dollars in debt to veterinarians. So, PLEASE don’t feel like you’re being taken advantage of if you’re asked for an adoption fee. Nobody (at least nobody reputable) is making money off these pets!

Most rescue groups’ fees tend to be higher than the fees public shelters charge, due to the vast amount of money these groups spend on caring for the orphaned animals. So, if you’d like to spend as little as possible, consider visiting your local public animal shelter!