Adopt A Pet - Shepard Fairey - Hope This is a very exciting time for us–thanks to the trailblazing Pia Salk, our spokesperson and psychologist extraordinaire who specializes in the human-animal bond, Shepard Fairey has created this amazing image to promote pet adoption!  This is huge–Shepard Fairey was recently named Icon-Maker of the Year by Time Magazine. His “Obey” clothing line is the biggest thing out there right now, second only to his Obama “Hope” images you see everywhere.  He also designed the official inauguration poster–pretty prestigious stuff for a street artist!

Check out  We’ll be selling 400 limited-edition signed/numbered prints, t-shirts, stickers, and more…items will be going very fast (Fairey print runs usually sell out in a matter of minutes), so make sure you sign up to be alerted by email when the sale begins.  You can also download the image in all kinds of sizes and formats.  Please post it everywhere you can–it’s time to get the message out that adoption is not only the most responsible option, but it’s cool, too!