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It’s that time of year again and the Laramie Division of Animal Control and Welfare is beginning to receive calls from citizens concerned about pets locked in hot cars.  This is an ongoing concern in all communities and Laramie is not exempt from the potential hazards.

Temperatures in a vehicle can climb quickly, even with the windows cracked.  The notion that air moves through a parked car with the windows cracked is largely incorrect.  The air in the vehicle is still and stifling. 

Dogs do not have the benefit of perspiration as a cooling option.  Their only cooling mechanism is panting.  Dogs with shortened muzzles are even more at risk as they breath less effectively than a dog with a regular length nose.  Dogs that are older and dogs with any medical conditions are also at greater risk than healthy younger or middle-aged dogs. 

If you are going out and about for errands or a lunch date, it’s best to leave Fido home where it’s safe and cool.  Laramie city ordinance prohibits leaving a pet in a vehicle for more than 15 minutes anytime the outdoor temperature is more than 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  Owners that exceed this can be cited for neglect and fined $200. 

Keep Fido safe and avoid the issue altogether.  Let him hang out at home in the cool of the house, maybe with a little tv and a nice bowl of ice water.  He’ll be much happier!