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Texas Pawprints grew out of North Texas Animal Rescue, a sanctuary located outside the Metroplex for cats. Originally, the Dallas group would take adoptable cats from the sanctuary to find them homes. Over time, both the adoptable and the unadoptable departments grew too large, so the decision was made to split the group into two.


From the beginning, Pawprints’ philosophy has been simple: if an animal crosses our path and needs help, and we can help, we help. We try very hard not to say “no” to anyone. And we are very no-kill. We are one of the few groups that do not euthanize feline leukemia-positive cats.


Because of our philosophy, we care for a number of animals that have no other place to go. Our scratch ‘n dent” rescues frequently arrive injured or old. Many groups won’t take geriatric animals – we will and do. There are extra risks and problems with such animals, but we still take them and try to find them new homes and love.


We have plenty of animals in need; what we need are more foster homes and funding. You can submit donations via Paypal on our website or on Facebook, visit us Sunday afternoons at PetSmart, or mail C/O PO Box 600644, Dallas, TX 75360. Donations of food, litter and other supplies are also greatly appreciated. And if you can open your heart and home to be foster, you would be making a difference in an animal’s life.

Website:   www.texaspawprints.org

Email:  hairball@texaspawprints.org

Facebook: facebook.com/neighborhood.catladies

Instagram: instagram.com/txpawprints

Twitter: twitter.com/txpawprints

Telephone: 214-912-2573