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My Story

Blu is such a love bug! Always down to cuddle or let you hug her, but might bonk you back affectionately with her big head!
She uses her words when excited, like many other pitties do. She loves going on walks or easy hikes.
Blu is energetic and had her ACL repair so play time and exercise should reflect what is best for her. She is also currently taking a hip and joint supplement. 
Her favorite thing to do is to destroy her toys so she should be monitored, especially if the toy has a squeaker!
One of her favorite pastimes is to play tug with a nice, sturdy rope. She also enjoys playing fetch with her Chuck-it!
Blubelle is such a treat to have in your life. She’s a spunky girl, and always positive & down for the next adventure.
Blu has lived with small dogs and cats but would prefer to be the only dog. Blu has a big heart and so much love to give, she is the perfect companion.
If you would like to meet Blu please complete the app at www.azpawsandclaws.com 

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