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My name is McKynlee!
I'm being cared for by
A New Chance Animal Rescue

Facts about me

Labrador Retriever
3 years old, Young
(When grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
(Current) 42 lbs
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My info

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My story

Hi...I'm Kyn Kyn, (really McKynlee, but the people here all call me Kyn Kyn) and I just have to get something off of my chest. I'm a 2 year old, 42 lb, female lab mx, I feel a little guilty for complaining because I live with a wonderful foster family in a wonderful home with wonderful dogs. But, I can't help myself....because as much as I love it here, I know that I can't be here forever and all I want is to be in a home that I know I can settle into forever.

I absolutely love my people and even like to show them this regularly. My foster mom works at the table a lot and I know she just melts with love for me when I come over and rest my head on her leg and look into her eyes...(I've overheard her talking about me); granted I do this the most when she happens to have food on the table, but I do really love her right back. This is not a relationship that can last though...she needs the space to be able to foster more dogs so they don't get killed and I need to be able to feel settled.

I'm a love bug to my favorite people, gentle and sweet they say. I'm a real snuggle bunny and like to mold myself into my people to cuddle or lay against a leg or on a foot; it really gives me sucha sense of contentment. I'm gonna be honest though...I'm not one of these guys who will instantly love everyone I meet, but once I have my new family I will love them just as much as I do these fosters of mine and I will be very loyal. You'll need to be a little patient with me because this change to an adoptive family is not going to be easy for me. In fact, it's kind of scary even as it is also exciting. I do know that once I've spent a little time with an adopter, I will give them all of the same love and melt their hearts as I do all of my foster familiy's, (especially because I love treats).

When I eavesdrop, which admittedly I do pretty often, I've heard it said that maybe I'm a little quirky. And yes, I admit...I am. I guess. I'm fearful of new people and situations but once settled will romp with other dogs in the yard because it's real fun. I think one of the problems is that people want me to seamlessly move to a new family and life and it's just not me, so I don't "show well." I need someone who understands who I am and has the patience to let me grow into them as I have my foster family. Since I love attention and treats, it's not too hard to get me to feel loved...and then I wake up full of joy in the morning and make happy noises for everyone.

I'm gonna give it to you straight...I might just want to be a homebody; and not go out and about too much because I feel scared when I do that. Maybe this will change for me but I'm not sure. Since new things make me nervous, maybe I shouldn't be with young children and would do better with 12 year olds and up...they're not as unpredictable as those little human children can be. (I hope this doesn't insult any of you humans). I've heard them call me an "angel" which makes me feel happy inside. I try to do the right thing so I'm crate, house, and leash trained and know basic commands. They've told me what a fast learner I am too.

Well, I gotta run now....I hear my foster mom coming and she prefers when I don't use her computer. Just one more quick thing...I have something called Megaesophogus, (where my esophagus has some difficulties properly carrying food to the stomach) that has been well managed since I was about 8 weeks old on daily medication, (cost under $20 per month); I'm pretty sure that I will need this for life and by using it I happily eat and drink normally. Likewise, this does not slow me down one bit, I'm still plenty rambunctious and happy. My foster parents, or even my vet, will answer any questions you may have about me. Uh-oh, here she comes..please remember to put in an adoption application for me asap...😘

Thank you so much for your interest in adopting a dog from A New Chance Animal Rescue ( We are a 501c3, tax deductible organization. ANCAR is a foster-based rescue, and we adopt within a 90 mile radius of Bedford Hills, NY. You will find the adoption application here: ( All fields on the application must be completed. Please read about the adoption process ( so you'll know what to expect when you submit.

Our dogs are in foster care and we do NOT have a shelter or boarding facility. AN APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED IN FULL AND APPROVED BEFORE A DOG CAN BE MET. This is a firm policy. Our busy volunteers are not able to respond to questions about the dog or dog meeting requests in the absence of an application. We know these dogs very well because they are in foster care. Please read the profiles of the dog(s) you are interested in prior to submitting an application. If there are specific requirements stated (ie: Fenced Yard or Canine Friend Required) these are included because they are vital to the happiness, health, safety and adoption success of that dog.

We are only able to save as many dogs as we have foster homes ( and resources for. We provide medical care including vaccinations, testing, deworming, spaying/neutering and microchipping before transporting our dogs. We provide all supplies, preventatives and any follow up vet care necessary while they are in foster care. These costs are high and the number of lives we can save is entirely dependent upon donations from people like you. We do not receive funding from private foundations or government sources. If you can find room in your heart to help us, with any amount, we are truly grateful ( We are a 501c3 organization, so all donations are tax-deductible. It is only through the kindness of supporters like you that we are 'changing tail at a time' by providing our dogs with 'A New Chance.' (

Thanks so much.

A New Chance Animal Rescue

Contact info
Pet ID
PO Box 215, Bedford Hills, NY 10507

Their adoption process

Additional adoption info

» The first step in the adoption process is to be sure that every member in your household is ready to have a dog sharing your life and home with you. Having a dog affects every member of the household and all of you need to agree that this is the right time to adopt. We do not "hold" dogs so only complete the application if you are ready to adopt immediately.

» Think about what type of dog you'd like and what type of home environment you have. Consider how active your home is, how noisy or quiet, how often you're actually home, whether the dog would accompany you places, etc. For example, a very happy and bustling house is probably not the best situation for an extremely shy or easily scared dog, nor is a low exercise, quiet home appropriate for an active dog.

» Look through our website at the dogs, paying particular attention to the descriptions that are posted. A cute dog with the wrong personality for your family never makes a happy situation for anyone. If none of the dogs seem like a good fit then wait until you find the one that is.

» Once you have found the dog(s) that you are interested in adopting, fill out the application. Please be sure to fill out every question on the application. Each question is seeking important information that will help us in determining if the dog is a good match for you. An incomplete application will not be processed.

» After submitting a completed application, if you do not hear from us within a week, please resubmit you application because it may not have gone through. Applications are usually processed in three to ten days, depending upon how long it takes to reach your references.

» Once your application has been pre-approved you will be contacted to set up a home visit.

» If the home visit was approved, your contact information is passed on to the foster family of the dog you are interested in and they will contact you to discuss the dog more specifically. If you both agree that s/he sounds like a good match a meeting will be set up.

» Everyone in your home, pets and people, must meet the dog.

» If all agree that it's a good match the adoption can take place immediately. You will fill out the Adoption Agreement, include the donation indicated, and add a wonderful new member to your family. If it does not seem like a good match, we will work with you to find a dog that fits into your household well.

If you have any questions about adopting from A New Chance Animal Rescue or about a dog, please email

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We are a foster-based rescue and do NOT have a shelter or boarding facility. AN APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED IN FULL AND APPROVED BEFORE A DOG CAN BE MET. Please do not contact us requesting a meeting with a dog because we are an all-volunteer organization, and these requests tie up our volunteers who could instead be checking applications.

Sometimes we hold Meet & Greet events with our dogs on the weekends. If we have an upcoming event, the information can be found on our website:

More about this rescue

The creation of A New Chance Animal Rescue was inspired by the dream and dogged persistence of a teenage girl with a deep passion for saving the homeless and helpless dogs who suffer daily. Having five dogs of their own, and having fostered over 100 dogs since she was nine years old, Sophia Silverman convinced her family how important it was to give even more dogs a new chance. Thus, was born the idea and ultimately, in 2011 the actuality of this 501c3, not for profit rescue organization. Sophia’s mom, Sharon Silverman, worked by her side; and with the unwavering efforts of a dedicated and active base of foster families, volunteers, donors and community supporters, A New Chance Animal Rescue has been able to save the lives of hundreds of dogs placing them in warm, loving, safe, and healthy environments.

A New Chance Animal Rescue operates on a foster home model, with the strong belief that boarding and local shelter facilities are not replacements for experiencing home life that prepares a dog for successful adoption. A New Chance Animal Rescue relies solely on approved foster homes to house and care for all dogs. Literally, every home willing to foster is another life saved, and it is in these homes that the dogs experience constant love and the normal activities of daily life, giving them the skills necessary to prosper.

As an entirely volunteer organization, our larger volunteer base provides tireless help when transports arrive, adoption events are held, or a ride is needed for an appointment. It is from this volunteer base that all other related activities are enabled; including web design and maintenance, graphic design, accounting, publicity, legal, and training services. A New Chance Animal Rescue receives no government funding and exists entirely through the generosity of donations, both financial and in-kind, as well as the kind support of local businesses.

All across the nation dogs are abandoned on the streets, abused at home, or simply turned in to shelters by people who can no longer care for them because of health, financial, or other reasons. Shelters do not have unlimited space and often routinely euthanize to make room for more dogs. A New Chance Animal Rescue is dedicated to helping as many of these very sweet and adoptable dogs as possible.

If you can help us by adopting, donating, or fostering, please do so right away. Please email if you have any questions.