My name is Julep!

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Domestic Shorthair/Mixed Breed (Medium)
Gray or Blue
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This pet has no story. Click the “Ask About Me” button to view the contact information for the organization caring for me.
Animal Rescue, Inc.

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2 Heritage Farm Drive, New Freedom, PA 17349

Their adoption process

Additional adoption info

Dog: $220, Puppy: $350
(Includes spay/neuter, vaccines, testing for Heart Worm, Lymes and Ehrlichiosis and microchipping.)

Kitten/Cat: $95
(Includes spay/neuter, vaccines, testing for Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and microchipping)

We do at times give discounts on senior animals or those with existing medical conditions.

Individuals must be 21+ years old to adopt a pet.

Animals must be 6+ months or older to be adopted to a home with children 6 years or younger.

The adoption process takes 2-3 business days for cats and up to 10 business days for dogs. We do not do same day adoptions.

The process consists of filling out an application, making an appropriate animal selection and verifying the application information.

There will be a home visit for dog adoptions. There may be a home visit for cat adoptions.

We only accept applications from within the following area: South of Harrisburg, PA; North of Annapolis, MD; East of Gettysburg, PA; West of West Chester, PA.

People who have applied in person will be considered first. We are based on a first-come, first-served policy. However, if the first application is not accepted, we move to the second application and so on until the right home is found for that particular animal.

We do accept second and third applications on an animal.

Submitting an application for an animal online does not place a "hold" on an animal. Only meeting the animal in person does this.

Animal Rescue, Inc. reserves the right to refuse an adoption to anyone for any reason.

Adoption application

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Animal Rescue, Inc.
New Freedom, PA location
Animal Visiting Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri 1-3, Sat 12-4
Office Hours: Mon-Sat 1-4

Animal Rescue, Inc.
Cattery, Maryland
By appointment: (410) 661-7626

We have cats available for adoption at the following PetSmart locations:
Towson, MD
White Marsh, MD
Bel Air, MD

Please call us if you have questions!

More about this shelter

We only adopt to families in Northern Maryland (Baltimore and north of) and South Central Pennsylvania.

Animal Rescue, Inc. was founded in 1976 by Grace Froelich as a result of being given the alternative to either give up her beloved cat or face eviction. Grace's philosophy is that an animal is a companion and a member of the family, and deserves the same respect and considerations.

Faced with that decision, Grace went to look for a new home, one where she would not have to make a choice to give up her pet. She found a place, now affectionately nicknamed the “farm.” After she settled into her new home, the strays started showing up – a dog here, a cat there. She would feed them and let them stay. She felt strongly that they should never be homeless again. She eventually moved to adopting out some of them if she knew a good home looking for a new companion. That’s how it started!

ARI is set up as a forever home for the homeless. Grace stands by her initial mission that they will never be homeless again. There will always be a home at the farm for them. Hopefully, they will find a conventional home to be a part of a loving family but if they never find a home, they can live as part of the ARI family.

Animal Rescue, Inc. consists of two locations: A cattery in the Putty Hill area of Baltimore, Maryland and a 33-acre farm located at the Pennsylvania/Maryland border just off route I-83.

At any one time we have approximately one hundred dogs and several hundred cats between our locations – most of which are available for adoption. ARI services Maryland and South Central Pennsylvania. ARI is a “Shelter for Life” for stray and abandoned animals.

Animal Rescue, Inc. does not normally accept personally owned, unwanted pets. Most of our residents are rescued strays.

Pets that were used to having their own home, a place to sleep, and their own food bowl do not do well in a facility such as ours. All our residents are given the best possible care to allow them to live out their natural lives. No animal is put to death because of medical expenses or the inconvenience of care.

One of the major objectives of ARI is to find loving, responsible homes for its residents.

Of course, for all of this to work one of the most important aspects of ARI is our network of volunteers. Many of these volunteers give up their days off to donate their time caring for the residents at the facilities. There are many things that need to be done at an animal rescue!

ARI also promotes spay/neuter programs (we also run our own low cost program for those in need), and operates a Crisis Intervention Program which keeps the human/animal bond intact by providing assistance to the elderly, sick, and the infirm.

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