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My name is GenericCatAdoptionCollage!

Posted over 2 years ago | Updated over 2 months ago

Adoption process

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Meet the Pet


Pay Fee


Take the Pet Home


Sign Adoption Contract

Adoption application
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Facts about me

Domestic Shorthair/Domestic Shorthair
Black (All)
Pet ID
Hair Length

My story

Adoption Process
NOTE: We are now Adopting with our new VIRTUAL Foster-To-Adopt Program. We are sorry but to help lessen the spread of COVID-19 only staff are allowed in our buildings.

Interested adopters will be assisted over the phone or outside the shelter (PLEASE WEAR YOUR MASK) in person to go through our available animals or our animals ready to go into foster homes. Once you have chosen your pet, an appointment time will be set for you to come to the shelter with your carrier. You will call the number you have been given and your pet (with two weeks worth of supplies) will be brought out to your vehicle.

In two weeks, you will call OR email us to let us know how everything is going and we will forward your documentation via email along with your receipt of payment.

Want to pay your adoption fee or make a donation? We can do that over the phone with VISA or MasterCard (sorry, no Visa Debit cards) or simply e-transfer .

The adoption fee is only a portion of the cost of care for your little one. Please consider a donation to help the many animals needing our help.


We are CLOSED to the public and only 1 volunteer is allowed in the shelter or in each area of the shelter at a time. Your patience is appreciated.

We Ask You To Help! Foster or Foster to Adopt so we have room to help more!

During this period we will be hosting Fostering or "Fostering to Adopt" dates to ensure all our animals will be looked after during periods when essential services have shorter hours and limited resources. Our new pet parents and our pets are important and we want to make sure everything is just right!

Please watch for animals that may become available.

Fill in the online form

If you are accepted as a foster home you will be given the exact pick up instructions. Please follow these instructions to follow the Government of Canada and Ontario's guidelines for Safe Social Distancing.

Purchasing Royal Canin Food:

We are still able to order and receive your pet's favourite Royal Canin Food (Not Veterinary Food) and will try to keep it in stock. We will order Mondays and will be able to get it Thursday if there are no unexpected delays.

Please fill in the form on our site

We want you, our volunteers, your families and our animals to please ... Stay Safe! And Stay Healthy!

Thank you!

Simcoe and District Humane Society

Contact info
Pet ID
24 Grigg Drive, P.O. Box 193, Simcoe, ON N3Y 4L1

Their adoption process


Submit Application

Start your Foster2Adopt application visit: or



Your application will be approved by our adoption volunteers and an interview through email or phone call will be done.


Meet the Pet

An appointment to pick up your pet and their supplies through our Virtual Foster2Adopt program for a 2-week foster period


Pay Fee

Your Adoption Fee will be paid at the pickup time or can be e-transferred to finance@s-dhs (This Fee includes a $75 non-refundable deposit)


Take the Pet Home

The Foster2Adopt period gives you time to set a vet appointment, make sure new pet is fitting in, look into pet insur


Sign Adoption Contract

At the end of the Foster2Adopt, you will be sent the contract to sign electronically. You are now the pet parent to your new furry friend!

Additional adoption info

Covid-19 changed many things, some for the better such as our adoption process.
Please visit to download the adoption application or to start the adoption process.
Our 2 week Foster2Adopt program works very well and allows your new pet to get used to the new surroundings and gives you time to schedule your first Vet appointment. Our staff and volunteers will ask many questions and may ask for photos or videos of your home, family and other pets.

Once an application is sent in via email our volunteers usually answer within 24 hours.

Adoption Prices have changed but do include medical, parasite control, microchip, spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations information on a 30 day trial of pet insurance once you have your vet exam, and your first month of food delivered to your home!

If the animal is not altered due to size or medical, the animal must be returned for surgery date scheduled. If you want to use your own vet clinic, there is no rebate, but you must notify the shelter by email and send in a copy of the surgery certificate.

$75 of all adoption fees is non-refundable.

Kittens (Under 1 year) $275.00

Cats (over 1 year) $220

Senior Cats (Over 7) $200 As up to date as possible - may need senior medical care by adopter

Barn Buddy/Working Cats $100 ($200 if a month's food included).

Puppies (Under 1 year) $700

Dogs (Over 1 year) $600

Senior Dogs (7+ years) $550 As up to date as possible - may need senior medical care by adopter

Senior Dogs (12+ years) $500 As up to date as possible - may need senior medical care by adopter

Other Animal Adoption Prices

Rabbits under 7years $100 (spayed/neutered
Rabbits over 7 years $75 (Spayed/neutered or as up to date as possible ~ may need senior medical care by adopter)
Small & Furry $15-$30
large animals, livestock, horses $400 - $600
Amphibians, turtles, etc ask our team
Small Birds $30
Large Birds $50 - $300

Adoption application

Go meet their pets

Appointments to pick up your Foster2Adopt animals will be made 11am - 3pm (Closed Wednesday & Appointments Sunday). If you need to pick up your Foster2Adopt outside of these hours, staff and volunteers will be glad to arrange pick up.

Although many of our animals may be in foster care, pick up during this time will be at the shelter - to protect everyone involved, no visits to foster homes will be allowed.

Please email for more information, to book an appointment or to make sure a volunteer is available on the weekends.
Please visit for a complete list of our adoptable pets or to start your adoption process.

Donations of food, supplies and money will also be accepted during these hours.

More about this shelter

The Simcoe & District Humane Society has been hard at work aiding animals in distress since the 1950's and officially chartered in January 1953.

The Foster Care Program has always been an integral part of the Society, as it has not had a physical shelter to call its own.

2004 was a great stepping-stone in the endeavor of housing our animals, as the Society purchased the property at 24 Grigg Drive, Simcoe, Ontario. As the number of stray, sick and injured animals has grown, so has the community support and the Society now has a goal to build a shelter in the near future.

SDHS relies on donations from the community, and assists as many animals possible within their means.

In 2004, the Society assisted 599 animals.
2005 the Society assisted 580 animals.
2006, we assisted 784 animals

2007 was a pivotal year, some animals remain in care, still needing treatment or waiting adoption.

As of September 2007 helped over 650 cats, 70 dogs, and other animals, Helped Cruelty, over 35 animals, and well over 250 cruelty complaints visited.
Simcoe and District Humane Society is also aiding animals unclaimed through Norfolk County Animal Control. As space in the foster care program allows, SDHS provides adoptable animals the necessary medical care, including FIV (Feline Aids) and Feline Leukemia testing for felines, Heartworm testing for canines, vaccinations, deworming, flea and other parasite treatment and microchipping for each animal. It is the Society's goal to find every adoptable animal a home to call its own!

In 2007, the Society has temporarily assisted and housed more than 35 animals, until owners have been able to provide appropriately for their pet(s).

Public Awareness and Good Pet Ownership Education has been a key component in the Society's community involvement over the last 3 years.

The community's consistent support and regular donations are important to sustain the Society's ability to continue its constant and daily intake and care of those animals needing help - Many thanks to our donors.

Fast forward to 2020 and Covid-19 ... Staff and Volunteers followed all Government Guidelines and Shelter Protocols._
Objective: to help families keep their pets and lower shelter intake. Over 60 pets (30+ families) were assisted with food and supplies
739 Animals were admitted into our programs.
332 Adoptions,
183 Clinic Animals (Spay/Neuter or Wellness),
41 animals returned to owner, the rest fell into owner/service progams.
485 Spay/neuter surgeries

2021 – Objective:to help more families keep their pets and lower shelter intake. Again, over 60 pets (30+ families) were assisted with food and supplies_
Total of 96 animals still in care from 2020 including 33 Foster2Adopt Animals and 36 Bunnies
662 Animals were admitted into our programs
304 Adoptions,
179 Clinic Animals (Spay/Neuter or Wellness),
69 animals returned to owner; the rest fell into owner/service progams.
425 Spay/Neuter Surgeries

2022 – Total of 66 Animals still in care from 2021 including 24 Foster2Adopt Animals 2 budgies, 14 Rabbits, 2 horses, 4 guinea pigs, 39 cats
845 Animals were admitted into our programs
Objective: to help more families keep their pets and lower shelter intake. Again, over 50 pets (30+ families) were assisted with food and supplies.
321 Adoptions, 252 Clinic Animals (Spay/Neuter or Wellness), 75 animals returned to owner, the rest fell into owner/service programs.

411 Spay/Neuter Surgeries ~ Over 140 on waiting lists to be done

Beginning Count of 2023 – Total of 89 Animals, 67 cats, 3 Rabbits, 17 Dogs, 2 Guinea Pigs