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My name is Tybalt!
I'm being cared for by
Pawsitive Karma Rescue

Facts about me

Domestic Shorthair/Domestic Shorthair
Orange or Red
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Small blue checkmark Spayed / Neutered

My story

Tybalt (red head) is a handsome orange tabby who loves showing off his cute belly. He prefers to sleep on his back, and when he wants attention he knows rolling over and showing off his belly will get him all the "awwww"s in the household. Tybalt is very playful and curious. He seems to be blissfully unaware of anything negative in life. He is just here for the party and is ready to have a good time! One thing worth noting, since it's important to him, Tybalt is obsessed with his pet fountains. He loves pet fountains and gets pretty upset if they are not full. Tybalt does have expectations that his new home will provide him with a pet fountain that they maintain and clean regularly. He might be a little spoiled... 😊 Tybalt has an eye that sometimes weep. This is mostly cosmetic, but we like to wipe his eyes with angel eye wipes once a day to help manage it.

Pawsitive Karma Rescue

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Austin, TX 78758

Their adoption process

Additional adoption info

1. To find the animal that is the best fit for you and your family, feel free to browse the available cats and dogs on our website.
2. Once you have found the right cat, kitten, dog or puppy for your family, please fill out the appropriate adoption questionnaire located on our website.
3. Shortly after you have filled out the appropriate questionnaire, a PKR representative will be in contact. We require a meet and greet with the animal you wish to adopt, a background check, and a screening process.

More about this rescue

Pawsitive Karma Rescue is the voice in Central Texas for animals that truly have no where else to turn. Our focus is on “special needs” animals that are deemed “unadoptable” by the city shelter and other groups. PKR is driven by the belief in live outcomes for all animals including those of unpopular breeds or colors, those with behavioral issues or physical ailments, and feral as well as under-socialized animals.

PKR seeks to redefine society’s outlook on feral cats in particular. We hope for people to see them as animals that never received the chance to socialize with humans but still have endearing and useful qualities. Our barn placement cats find only happy outdoor homes waiting for them and their adopters are pleased to see their animals thriving. We focus on providing a safety net for those animals that find themselves in difficult situations such as ferals that need to be relocated, feral mothers with kittens, cats with litterbox issues, and animals with behavioral problems. We also take on the challenges of socializing kittens up to six months old and finding proper and responsible placement for cats with a variety of socialization levels.

We favor a natural approach to treating and maintaining our animal’s health and prefer simple medical treatments and nutrient-dense food to those including harsh chemicals and other questionable ingredients. PKR will not adopt out any unhealthy or unaltered animals; our kitties and dogs go to their forever homes healthy.