My name is Max!

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Adoption fee: $250

This helps Almost Home Shelter Pet Rescue with pet care costs.

My basic info

Blue Heeler
4 years 11 months old, Young
Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg) (when grown)
42 lbs (current)
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My story

Here's what the humans have to say about me:

Meet Max. Max is an owner surrender, his human was elderly and couldn’t care for him any longer. Max is such a great boy. He loves to give and get lovings. He is great with other dogs and good with strangers. This boy only wants a home where he can be part of a family. His adoption fee includes: neuter, heartworm test, dhpp, bordetella, rabies and flea treatment.
Almost Home Shelter Pet Rescue

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P.O.Box 143, Hazard, KY 41702

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Fees will vary based on medical treatment. Adoption application must be complete before interview, home visit will be required.

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Almost Home.
Pet Adoption Application
Thank you for inquiring on a homeless/foster pet! Over 6 MILLION unwanted puppies/kittens/dogs, cats are killed in U.S. shelters every year! Spay & Neuter!

Age (s):
Occupation (s):
Name of pet (s) you are interested in:
Breed of pet:
Info you know about this breed?
Why would this breed would be a good match for you?
Email Address (s):
I live in a: house apartment townhouse condo
Ages of people living in the home:
If children 10 years or less are living in the home, how do you expect they DO/WILL treat pets?
Outside pen/kennel:
City, State, & Zip:
Home #
Cell #
Work #
If Applicable: Is the landlord/leasing agent aware you want to adopt this dog?
Landlord/Leasing name:

Part I Owner Wants/Needs
I want to adopt this pet/a pet because:

I hope that my new pet will want to: (cuddle, be held, walk/jog, be very active outside, etc.). Please elaborate/explain:

If this pet is a puppy or young dog, are you willing to be patient with housetraining and accidents?

Do you have experience housetraining puppies or young animals? (If you don’t that’s okay… you can learn!)

Part II Daily Life
I have visitors over to my home: not much a lot seldom

On a typical day, my new pet will be alone hours per day.

Will your pet be primarily an inside/outside pet or both?

Where will the pet stay during the day when no one is home?

Where will the pet sleep?

What type of exercise will you want to provide for your pet?

How do you plan on disciplining your pet? (chewing items, housetraining, jumping etc.)

Part III Previous Pet Ownership
Have you had pets before?
How did you acquire them?
Where are the pets at this time?
Vet you plan to use:
Vet’s City & State:
Vet’s Phone number:

Part IV Current Pets
Do you currently have pets now?
Is your current pet spayed or neutered?
If yes, Vet's name who did procedure (if known) & approximate date (if known):

Part V Owner Thoughts/Beliefs
A pet is a very social creature and when left alone for significant amounts of time gets nervous, depressed, bored or all three. Have you ever seen a pet who has been neglected in these areas?

What assurances does this pet have that it will not be ignored, left alone, tossed aside, or tied up outside to a chain or tree? How do you feel about pets who are treated in this manner?

Why do you think you would be a good home for a pet?

What would you do with this pet if you decided you no longer wanted or were able to keep it?

Part VI Transitions
For a pet who is living in a home/foster situation; what do you expect will be the most difficult of transition?

What types of things will you do to help transition this pet into its new environment?

Have you budgeted to spend approx $700 per year for food, medical, vet, and toys/treats for this pet?

Would you like some information on housetraining or any other pet issue?

What are some questions/concerns YOU may have?

Would you agree that if things were not working out to return the pet to ____.? please note: if you have had the pet for a while, it may take us up to a week or more to find a new spot for them.)

Please NOTE: A home visit may take place after the pet adoption process is complete and the pet is in your home.
Adopter Initials: ____________

More about this rescue

Almost Home Inc. is a foster care program that is made up of fosters from Eastern Kentucky. It is an all-volunteer group of caring individuals dedicated to saving companion animals whose lives are in jeopardy. Animals are rescued from a variety of circumstances including abandonment, homeless populations and kill shelters. Volunteers bring these animals into their home for temporary foster care where they receive health care, training and socialization. Almost Home Shelter Pet Rescue is committed to relocate animals to forever homes or no-kill shelters. Through our adoption/evaluation process we do everything possible to place them with families that will love them and understand a pet is a lifetime commitment. We have a mandatory spay/neuter policy and we also provide pet care and training tip for the new families. We also require home visits pre and post of the adoptions.

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