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My name is Mae!
I'm being cared for by
Cat Rescue, Inc
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Facts about me

Domestic Shorthair
Gray, Blue or Silver Tabby
7 years 8 months old, Adult
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Small red x Not good with kids
Small red x Not good with dogs
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My story

Mae was placed with a Foster on Sunday, 22 August 2021 to address her behavioral issues. Mae had been very sad and lethargic while in her cage since her arrival 1 August 2021. Will assess Mae in a home environment and give her more constant attention that what the pet center can provide.

Mae was adopted on 19 November 2021 and returned four months later on 2 March 2022. Mae adjusted well in the home - she was the only pet - but Mae was indifferent to her foster. While Mae would be relaxing on the sofa, when approached, she was leave and go into her (Mae) bed. Mae is the type of cat that will be around you, but not near you as to pet or hold. Mae most definitely has had a rocky start. She was on calming medications for the first month of her adoption - the last three without any medication but on over the counter calming sprays and chews.

Mae returned to the foster on 2 March 2022. Behavioral re-assessment in progress.


Below is Mae's initial narrative - maintained for documentation purposes.

Mae arrived to the Pet Adoption Center on Sunday, 1 August 2021. Sadly, she was owner surrendered.

Mae is a SWEET, gentle, LOVING cat. Extremely AFFECTIONATE!

LOVES attention - petting, brushing, combing, face-chin-ear rubs. You get the idea.

She has been through so much in such a short time - so many changes - sudden absences - that she needs a wee bit of time to warm up to you. Will not take that long - she is so wanting to nap on a lap, someone she can snuggle with while reading the paper, watching movies or even watching the rain through the window.

Mae came from a multi-cat household. When her Dad had to be admitted to a nursing home, she lost her best friend. Of all the cats he had, Mae was his F A V O R I T E! She was doted and loved upon more than the rest. She is feeling that loss now.

While she gets along with other cats in a respectful manner - each has their own realm, at this point in Mae's life she would love to be your one and only if possible. Other cats okay, but she wants her own space and all the she had before.

Mae will talk to you - when she is frightened or / and relaxed. You have to figure out which!

Mae can be picked up and held. She LOVES the closeness with her human.

Side note: when Mae arrived to us, she needed some TLC and a mini-spa consisting of a mani, pedi and a bath! She LOVED all of it. She NEVER once meowed, hissed or growled at us....know what she did? She P U R R E D! and P U R R E D some more. I think she enjoyed the toweling process the best as she was also massaged...and she kept P U R R I N G.

She is not Microchipped

Her birthday is - are you ready for this - 1 May 2015!!!!. She is the one May (Mae) you will ever need in your life.

Monthly flea treatment due on the 1st.

Cat Rescue, Inc

Contact info
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With a Foster
1236 Greenbrier Parkway, CHESAPEAKE, VA 23320

Their adoption process


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Our cats are at the Greenbrier Petsmart Adoption Center. During the week call the number on the cage cards and you will be met.


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Additional adoption info

Cat Rescue Adoption Fee $20 - $100 depending on age.
Proof of home ownership or rental agreement stating pets are allowed is required
Cat Rescue, Inc. will only adopt and animal to persons over 18.
Owner will comply with all Virginia animal license and rabies requirements and will maintain animal in a healthy manner.
Owner will keep this animal as a strictly-indoors pet and not allow him/her to run outside at large in violation of local animal control ordinances.
Owner will accept this cat in his/her current condition and with all of his/her personal faults, Owner will also acknowledge that Cat rescue, Inc. has no further responsibility to owner or any other party for that condition or those faults.
Owner will agree to keep as their pet and in their possession. Your pet will not be given to anyone except back to Cat Rescue, Inc unless permission is granted.
Owner will agree that this cat/kitten will at no time be used in any form of medical experiment or research, or any form of cultural or social ritual or practice in which the animal is in any way harmed or threatened with harm or deprivation of any kind.
Owner will not have the animal declawed.
Owner understands that the cat/kitten has been rescued and his/her complete medical condition and behavioral history is generally not known to Cat Rescue, Inc. Every reasonable effort has been made to ascertain the animals good health, but not every condition or disease can be ruled out. Owner will agree to accept this animal in his/her current state of apparent good health and will assume responsibility for the care and medical treatment of any and all symptoms, illnesses and injuries at any time during which the animal is in owners custody.

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You can visit our cats in the Greenbrier Petsmart Adoption Center, 1236 Greenbrier Parkway 7 days a week. We also set up tables/kennels on Saturdays from 11:00am to 4:00 pm and Sunday 12-4 to show those fostered at home.

More about this rescue

Established in 1997, Cat Rescue began by trapping, neutering and socializing stray cats at the Norfolk Naval Station.
That progressed to saving felines from kill shelters, vetting and finding them homes. We also assist the community/requestors with Trap Neuter Return.