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My name is Eden!

Posted 1 year ago | Updated 10 hours ago

I'm being cared for by
Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group
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Facts about me

English Spot
(When grown) Giant
Pet ID
Hair Length

My info

Small blue checkmark Purebred
Small blue checkmark Spayed / Neutered

My story

Serene and beautiful like the place after which she was named, Eden will capture your heart. She has been described as sweet, reserved, and lovable. Once she’s familiar with you, she’ll be sure to entertain with nightly binky performances.

Eden is a foodie at heart, loving all kinds of food and enjoying her hay often. Perfect litter box habits and a quiet demeanor make her a great roommate. She prefers to be in a home with lots of space for her to explore, and she’d prefer any children that share her space to be at least 13. Eden doesn’t mind some noise and could handle living in a more urban area, but she does ask for slow movements whenever you're in her space.

If Eden were a human: Marie Kondo.

  • Rescued April 2021
  • Estimated b-day: 5/5/2020
  • May do best with a family that has some rabbit experience
  • Kid-friendly ages 13+
  • Will thrive in a home that is somewhere between calm/quiet and bustling with energy
  • Enjoys pats
  • Active/Independent
September 28, 2023, 10:51 am

Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group

Contact info
Pet ID
Great Neck, NY 11021

Their adoption process

Additional adoption info

Our adoption procedure includes a phone interview, home visit, and any necessary education of potential adopters. Our adoption fee is a $150 donation per rabbit. All of our rabbits are spayed/neutered, health checked by rabbit-savvy vets, vaccinated for the RHDV2 virus, and fostered in private homes.

For more information about adoptions, please read our guide to the adoption process or email us:

Adoption application

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We don’t have a physical shelter building. The rabbits are fostered in our homes. If you are interested in any particular bunny (or bunnies), we can make arrangements for you to meet them. If you would like a companion for a bunny you already have, we can arrange for several “meetings” and a bonding session to ensure your bunny will be happy with his/her new mate!

More about this rescue

Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group is an all-volunteer organization based on Long Island, New York. Our mission is to rescue abused, neglected or abandoned rabbits; have them medically treated and spayed/neutered; and place them in loving, indoor homes. We educate the public on the special care and health needs of domestic rabbits, and are sustained by your donations.