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My name is King!

I'm being cared for by
Dane Haven Inc.

Facts about me

Great Dane
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Small blue checkmark Purebred
Small blue checkmark Spayed / Neutered

My story

You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.

My name is King  and I am 4 years old. My foster mom says I am such a good boy! I am crate trained- actually, I love my crate... it is my safe place. I know a couple of basic commands, and have been working on leaving kitchen counters alone. I just love all the smells! I don't mind walking on a leash, but I often forget that I walk faster than my foster mom and she has to remind me not to pull. Sometimes, my foster mom even lets me explore the front yard without a leash! Oh, and car rides are my favorite! I jump right up in and lay down like a good boy.  I LOVE the car! I'm a pretty confident guy, but I AM a little scared of the vacuum... and the hot air balloons I sometimes see in the sky from the backyard. 

I have a hooman foster sister (she's 11) and I like her even more than my foster mom. I follow her everywhere and sleep next to her bed most nights. I also have a foster brother... he's a Great Dane like me. I find him annoying a lot of the time- he has so much dang energy and I prefer to lay around. We don't always get along but I have learned to tolerate him pretty well, I think! I have hung out around our neighbor's small Yorkie too, and I don't mind her one bit. But hoomans are by far my favorite! I like to lean on them and sit with/on them. They are just the best :) I even like the veterinarian... she says I'm nice and healthy with a great temperament.  If this is a right fit for you and love for me to be part of your family, please go to and inquire about me.

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September 11, 2023, 12:21 am

Dane Haven Inc.

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Mesa, AZ 85275

Their adoption process

Additional adoption info

We require the following when adopting a Dane

1. Complete the adoption application, with 2 non-related references and a vet reference.
2. Contact references
3. Meet and greet with all household family members and current pets
4. Home check
5 Adoption contract signed and adoption fees paid

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More about this rescue

Dane Haven, Inc. is a non-profit organization that has been formed by volunteers whose love for the Great Dane breed has lead them to assist Danes that have been neglected, abused, abandoned or owner-surrendered. This volunteer group has owned and worked with Great Danes on an individual level for a number of years, as well as having worked with other rescues. Danes that come into our rescue are fostered in the volunteers’ homes until a permanent family comes along.