My name is Chico / Oso!

Posted 1 year ago

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Great Dane
9 years 10 months old, Senior
X-Large 101 lbs (46 kg) or more (when grown)
107 lbs (current)
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My story

Here's what the humans have to say about me:

LOCATION: Ada, Oklahoma
DOB: 07/28/2014

A wise person once said; It takes two to make a thing go right. It takes two to make it outta sight! In the grand tapestry of perfect pairings, where macaroni finds its cheese and salt finds its caramel (mmmm), enters the delightful duo of Chico and Oso. They are the epitome of companionship, elevating each other's lives like the iconic partnerships of Romeo and Juliet, yin and yang, or even wine and cheese. Chico and Oso, like these timeless combinations, are not just best friends – they make each other better.
Chico, the Great Dane, is the grumpy yet lovable counterpart to Oso's exuberance. He's a connoisseur of lazy afternoons, stealing not just blankets but hearts with his endearing snuggles. Chico's classic Dane lean is a force to be reckoned with, ready to knock you over with affection when you least expect it. In his stout and tall frame lies a world of warmth, just waiting to be shared with his dear friend. and YOU, if given the chance.
Oso, the collie mix, is the vivacious and friendly half of this dynamic duo. He’s got the joyous spirit of a perpetual pup. Oso's playfulness is an art, especially when engaging with his older companion, Chico. His gentle nature shines through as he wraps his paws around Chico's neck for hugs, creating a bond that transcends age and breeds.
Together, they are good with female dogs, but male dogs – not so much. However, there has been some improvement so with slow introductions, it is possible. Their perfect home would be one with dog-savvy kids who understand the delicate balance of playfulness and respect. As for cats, that remains an uncharted territory for this extraordinary pair.
Chico and Oso share a love for water and wide-open spaces to run. Chico, though a little slower, enjoys the thrill of the chase, while Oso adds a touch of energy with his zoomies. When it comes to bedtime, their mattress is so comfortable, but nothing beats the joy of cuddling up with their humans.
What Chico and Oso seek is a forever home filled with love, space to roam, and moments of serene relaxation. They are not internationally known but could probably rock the microphone (wink). They are not just looking for a place to live – they're in search of a haven where their unique bond can continue to flourish. They need someone who can appreciate that they are like peanut butter and chocolate, Batman and Robin or chips and salsa. So, if you're ready to embrace the enchanting friendship of Chico and Oso, open your heart to a pairing that promises an abundance of joy, laughter, and endless love. We all know that it really does take two to make a thing go right.

========================= To apply to adopt me, please fill out the application form! .For more information, please email us at For an application to foster or adopt, please go to and fill out an app. Thank you so much, we look forward to helping you.
SRGDRR Inc aka Save Rocky the Great Dane Rescue and Rehab

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P O BOX 975, Bullard, TX 75757

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First step is to fill out our adoption application. You will receive an email from our Applications Team asking for any information needed to finalize your application. If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email at

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To rescue Great Danes from neglect, abuse, and abandonment while providing medical care and individual rehabilitation through our experienced and loving foster home program until we are able to provide each rescued Dane with a qualified, caring, and permanent home that will ensure a good quality of life they deserve.

To assist owners that cannot afford spaying, neutering or heartworm treatment as funds allow while also educating owners on affordable, local spay/neuter clinics, spay/neuter benefits, vaccinations, backyard breeding, behavior, nutrition, and obedience. Additionally, we want to be a link point to other rescues and clubs. Raising awareness around rescues and the Great Dane breed is of great importance to us.

We have been rescuing Great Danes since 2011 and we take pride in the collective love, concern, and dedication we have given to the misunderstood and forgotten Danes. It is our mission to continue to be the voices of the less fortunate Danes and to provide them safety and their birthright to a quality of life filled with love and dignity. You can help us achieve our mission by donating funds, items from our wishlist, items of relevance, your time through volunteering, or by lending your home as a foster.

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