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My Story

If you are at least 18 years old and everyone in your household is on board with adopting a dog, CALL 651-645-4370 between 7:00 am and 9:30 pm and we will return your call within 24 hours. If you elect to contact us via e-mail it may take several weeks for us to get back to you. Renters must provide proof that you are allowed to have a puppy. Please be prepared to provide a vet reference prior to adoption.

Lila is such a little sweetie and seems to be smart as she is catching onto house breaking very quickly and was the first one to learn how to walk on a leash and actually go down stairs. Lila's mother was one of the best moms ever. She enjoyed human company and is outgoing and friendly. She is a catahoula (pictured) who came to PUP from a high kill shelter in Texas. We had no idea she was pregnant until she arrive. Two weeks later on 4-12-18 she gave birth to 7 perfect puppies. Lila is one of five females. We believe she will weigh between 40-50# as an adult, similar to mommy, but that is best guess and her adopter should be prepared to love her regardless.

Lila is learning to walk on a leash and when she does she potties outside. She is mostly using newspapers to potty but she is of an age to begin serious house breaking. She has had regular visits at neighbors homes. She is well socialized, hanging out with mom and sibling plus having many human visitors both young and old who play with her and her sibs. She loves to be picked up and held but don't expect her to stay too long because there is a lot of other puppy stuff to be done down on the floor with her buddies.

Lila is off to a great start. The rest will be up to her adopter. The first 4 months are when puppy learns the social skills needed to be a skilled dog in dealing with other dogs and a good citizen in the human world. Her adopter should be committed to getting puppy into lots of new and different human social situations, hearing vacuums, trucks, and rattling garbage cans, meeting people who are clapping, laughing, with hats, tools, bikes and skate boards. AND puppy needs many opportunities to meet and greet dogs of all shapes, sizes and dispositions. Just sharing a home with another dog is not as much doggie socializing as puppy needs. If good canine social skills are not learned and maintained during these early months, it will be very difficult to ever master them. Puppy play dates, trips to the pet store, puppy socialization classes and later, obedience classes are particularly important for a large dogs. Trips to the off leash park are ideal learning opportunities. If all this doggie time and involvement seems like a good idea, you are up for a puppy! As always, a tired dog is a good dog.

Lila has been bathed, wormed, vet checked and had her first vaccination. She will need two more routine vaccination plus rabies vaccination at the owner’s expense. Her adoption fee of $325 includes the cost of her required spay if it is done by the PUP vet. PUP does place dogs outside the metro area but a firm plan must be in place for her alter. We do not ship.

Adoption Process

If you are at least 18 years old and everyone in your household is on board adopting a puppy, call 651-645-4370. Please do not e-mail us as it will greatly delay any response. Renters must provide proof that you are allowed to have a puppy.
The adoption fee is based on the age of the dog and is posted with each dog. Potential adopters are interviewed on the phone and if this seems like a suitable adoption, an appointment is set to visit the dog and complete paperwork. We do not 'hold' dogs until the entire adoption process is completed.