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Belgian Tervuren

Male, Adult
Kansas City, MO
(when grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Not good with kids, Not good with dogs, Not good with cats, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.XANDER is an affectionate 8-9 year old high Belgian Terv mix who needs a quiet home with an experienced trainer.    BACKGROUND: Dumped in a shelter by his family at 4 yrs old. They cited “behavior” issues but didn’t say what those were. Owners appeared to have multiple dogs and needed to get rid of at least one. Owners had not socialized him outside the home at all.   TEMPERAMENT / BEHAVIOR: Needs and adores his daily walks – he’s a scent dog and will stop at every scent if allowed. Overly excited in first part of his walk but calms down and largely stops pulling after that. Needs that daily outlet but walks needn’t be long (around 20 minutes satisfies him tho he enjoys longer. Gets very excited when you come home, jumps and barks and has to be reminded every time sit and be quiet. Hates the crate and is usually in it only as a time-out while foster is home. Xander is a unique dog! He’s got two distinct sides: a loving, goofy boy AND an aggressive reactor to strange people and dogs.    The Goofy side:  Crate trained House trained Dream house manners, calm and well behaved Doesn’t play with toys or other dogs A foodie – always ready to eat and will steal food left out Loves to lay in your lap if allowed Moderate prey drive – responds well to “leave it” command on walks when seeing small critters, will chase in the yard but breaks off pretty easily Loving to “his” person Downright pushy about getting head rubs, tummy rubs, and just generally being close to and touched by you Has “jack-in-the-box” energy – will go from sound sleep to jumping around in a split second. The Reactive side: On leash will react to strange people and dogs. Has gotten better about leaving people alone but still very reactive to other dogs. When off-leash will allow strangers to handle him but will go after other dogs Stubborn  TRAINING: His training was progressing until the pandemic hit, and then it was severely affected. Because his training was all about exposing him to people and other dogs – walks, public places, etc. – all that simply stopped for 2-1/2 years. When things started to lift, he saw a neighbor he was once friendly with and was aggressive to her without warning. Although he was on walks every day during the pandemic, there were no other people or dogs out – and it became apparent when it was over that he had retreated into isolation. His foster home is a single-person, quiet home so even that activity was limited. His training has started to pick back up but the pandemic was a huge setback for him – he’s more reactive now than he was before the pandemic. His new family MUST be extremely strong canine leaders, MUST continue well-controlled socialization and training, and MUST be in control at all times.  OTHER ANIMALS: Can be an only pet or live with another dog. Recommend females only, large breed, and non-dominant, respectful dog. Currently lives with a foster sibling, a 5 yr old female GSD. Has lived with several females at a time, all large dogs such as GSDs. Needs a proper introduction at first, and if the other dog is energetic they need to be separated until they get to know each other really well – he likes his space until he bonds with the other dog. He enjoys the presence and companionship of another dog, and will even curl up close to them once they’re bonded and totally used to each other. Does NOT like a dog who constantly gets in his face or tries to force play on him. A ‘live and let live’ kind of guy.  SMALL ANIMALS: No cats or small dogs. May eventually be able to live with a smaller dog but not currently recommended unless adopter is extremely experienced with longer crate-and-rotate methods. PEOPLE: Loves his people but is a challenge to introduce to strangers. CHILDREN: No kids.   MEDICAL: Up-to-date on all vaccines, has a current rabies tag, is spayed and has been microchipped. Has no known medical issues.   REQUIREMENTS: Will be adopted only to an extremely strong canine leader who is a highly experienced with difficult dogs and aggressive reactivity. A professional trainer is ideal and STRONGLY preferred. Secure 6-foot physical fence is mandatory.   XANDER'S ADOPTION FEE:   $250 This fee covers only part of what we spend to vet, board and rehab the dogs we save. On average we spend over $450 on each dog. We made a decision to keep our adoption fee at the 2005 level even though vet prices have doubled and tripled since then. We are constantly fundraising to cover the deficit. At minimum, your adoption fee includes the dog's spay/neuter, heartworm test, heartworm treatment if needed, rabies shot, distemper/parvo shot, bordatella shot, deworming, monthly heartworm and flea preventives, and microchip. In many cases it also includes surgery and various types of vet treatment for standard issues such as hot spots, ear infections and so on.INTERESTED IN ADOPTING XANDER?Complete an Adoption Application Now!Visit this organization's web site to see any additional information available about this pet.STOP!! READ THIS BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER! We're picky about our adopters.  Are you sure you're up to having a GSD?  They're not for everyone.  They take a lot of time, effort, training.  They shed year round.  They're big.  They scare lots of people.  They 'mouth' and herd.  They're usually strong-willed and stubborn.  You have to have references and a home visit.  If you're not willing or able to deal with any of this, please don't waste your time or ours applying.   Will the dog be an inside family pet? We do not adopt to outdoor-only homes. All dogs must be indoor dogs. Do you leave your dog outdoors when you're not home?   We do not adopt to homes that leave their animals outside when they're gone.  You must put your dogs indoors when you're gone.  A 3 yr old adopted MOGS dog died when the owners went to run errands, left her outdoors, the gate was somehow opened, and she was hit by a car.  Tragic and 100% preventable. Even privacy fences get broken into.  Gates are opened.  Thieves steal dogs. Never leave your dog outdoors when you're not home!! What's your plan for unexpected events and major changes?  New baby? Divorce?  Moving?   How you will provide for your dog if your family breaks up?  Will you make a lifetime commitment?  It's your responsibility to keep your dog safe, loved and cared for FOR LIFE.  Do you understand we expect you to keep that lifetime commitment?  It's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to stick by your family member -- no matter what. Are you unable or unwilling to make a lifetime commitment? Do not apply.   Have Questions? Email us at Thank you for considering a homeless dog or cat.June 11, 2024, 11:31 am

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German Shepherd Dog

Male, Adult
Olathe, KS
(when grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Good with kids, Good with dogs, Needs experienced adopter, House-trained, Shots are up-to-date,
Hi my name is Matt Parra and I have a 4 year old German Shepherd, Bane. He is very high energy and has been an excellent addition to our family with 1 exception. My wife, Danielle, and I have 3 sons: Jakob (18 years old), Hendrix (11 years old), and Sebastian (9 years old). My oldest has always been kind of timid when it comes to Bane and they have always had a kind of odd relationship. On 3 separate occasions he has bitten my oldest and the last occasion, 2 months ago, was very serious. For the past 2 months I have been trying to keep track of where Bane is and where my son is at all times and it is wearing on me. At this point quality of life has been diminished for Bane, my oldest, and myself. This is very hard for me as Bane and I have a great relationship and he has never been aggressive to my younger sons, my wife, or myself. At this point my wife simply cannot trust him and I completely understand where she is coming from.

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