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Birman kittens & cats in Baltimore, Maryland

Looking for a Birman kitten or cat in Baltimore, Maryland? Adopt a Pet can help you find an adorable Birman near you.

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Adopt a Birman near you in Baltimore, Maryland

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Photo of Marshmallow & Scout

Marshmallow & Scout

Maine Coon

Baltimore, MD
(when grown) -
Spayed or Neutered,
Plea for help from Jonathan: “My friend and I took in several feral cats a while ago. Most are now socialized and many are bonded pairs/families. Since we are both experiencing severe health problems currently and a move from the area has become necessary, we can no longer care for the cats. We are looking for good homes for them.   We are located in Clinton, MD (southern PG County). The best method of reaching us is:”   Mushmellow [a.k.a. 'Mush'] (NM, Brown Tabby?, DLH?/Maine Coon?, ~7+ years?) & Scout (NM, Black, DSH, ~6+ years?) Mush[mellow] never liked hanging out at the salad bowl, but his food bowl is his claim to fame and weight gain. Scout waits patiently for his turn. And even though Mush also hogs their bed, Scout still loves him and they always work it out. They are best buds for life! Two gentle giants who were found at our local Rite Aid, and are, thus, referred to as the "Rite Brothers". That said, we don't know whether they are siblings, or even related at all, though it is clear they are strongly bonded and have great affection for one another. Mushmellow was initially quite larger than Scout, so we believe there may be some age difference. Whatever the case, they are both big dudes who will need lots of exercise - along with a relatively strict diet. Mushmellow has a tendency to give some pretty strong 'love bites', but he means well. Scout, on the other hand, likes to make sure he knows where his 'brother' is most of the time.   Disclaimer: AAHA provides complimentary listings for members of the community who wish to rehome their pet, as well as for other shelters/ rescues to assist them in finding Furever homes. Courtesy posted pets are not affiliated with AAHA rescue. Unfortunately, there is not enough space or resources to admit every animal to our rescue that needs a furever home. But, we still want to help those in need along their journey! By courtesy posting, we are offering our website/network as an additional outlet to help an owner or rescue gain additional exposure for the animal they are trying to place. AAHA can make no representation about courtesy posted pets including the health or suitability for adoption and accepts no liability in this exchange. Arrangements for adoptions are made between the Caretaker of the pet and the potential Adopter. December 9, 2023, 1:09 pm
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Photo of MD - Romeo (MCR)

MD - Romeo (MCR)

Maine Coon

Male, Senior
Baltimore, MD
(when grown) -
Not good with dogs, Not good with cats, Spayed or Neutered,
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website. Online  Adoption Application very loving cat   THE FOLLOWING CAT IS BEING CARED FOR IN A LOVING MCR FOSTER HOME. "Romeo" qualifies for our Senior to Senior Adoption Program.   Please ask your Case Manager for details about this program. The vet estimates Romeo to be 10 years old, but he is young at heart. He is very playful and such a happy and loving cat! He reaches out his paw for you to pet him. He sometimes uses his teeth to show affection but isn't aggressive about it. It's more like love bites. He has never hissed or scratched. He is just so laid back and sweet! He likes to roll over and show his fluffy belly to you!  He has perfect litter box habits and is neat and tidy with his grooming. He is a perfect gentleman! When Romeo came to us, he was so malnourished and flea infested that he was missing some hair in certain places. He was a pitiful sight but was still so loving and friendly. He is doing very well now and his hair has grown back fully! He eats well too. Don't let the age of this cat fool you. He is young at heart and physically as well. Romeo's foster mom named him Romeo because of how loving he is! She could tell by his purrsonality that he most likely belonged to someone at one time. She could tell that he had been on the streets for a while because of his condition but doesn't think he has ever been mistreated. He would be best as an "Only cat". With his soulful emerald green eyes, large paws, and big heart, does this beautiful lover have a place in your heart? He is available for adoption within 250 miles of his location. Romeo's adoption fee is $150.00. This includes neuter, up-to-date vaccines, microchip, combo test (neg), and a wellness exam. For more information, please contact Rachel at : DOB (approx): 7/10/12 Location:  Baltimore, MD 21208 Available for Adoption: November 1, 2023   Interested in adopting a Maine Coon Rescue kitty? Please submit our  Adoption Application   Maine Coon Rescue cannot guarantee the parentage or breed of cats on this site.    Visit this organization's web site to see any additional information available about this pet.  If you cannot adopt at this time, will you please consider a donation to Maine Coon Rescue so we may continue to locate, rescue, provide veterinary care, transport, foster, and facilitate adoptions for our beloved Maine Coon and Maine Coon Mixes?  

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