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Birman kittens & cats in Herndon, Virginia

Looking for a Birman kitten or cat in Herndon, Virginia? Adopt a Pet can help you find an adorable Birman near you.

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Special Needs
Photo of Chanel (Fru Fru Litter)

Chanel (Fru Fru Litter)

Birman Domestic Shorthair

Female, Kitten
Baltimore, MD
(when grown) -
Needs special attention,
Chanel is a proper prom queen. She's got The Look. She's got The Personality. She's got...Diarrhea? Well, sometimes, yeah. Before we talk about her special needs when it comes to "powdering her nose", we want to properly introduce Miss Popularity - Miss Chanel. A social butterfly who loves to play with other kitties and even small dogs, she's like one of those popular girls who is popular because she's SO pretty and SO nice and SO cool and you almost hate her but can't help but to love her because she's just so....PURRFECT. Even Chanel's hobbies help highlight her best features: she stares out the window at birds and squirrels, catching the sun in her perfect blue eyes. When she naps, she curls up with her foster mom with her soft, gorgeous fur and smells like lavender and sunshine (well, we don't know that for sure, but just look at her. that's our guess). She even has a big room all to herself, but honestly, that's the part we're hoping to change. Chanel came to AARF as an extremely tiny kitten and due to a congenital condition that resulted in an inability to pass poo, she underwent a surgery that removed most of her colon. After over two years of healing and care with her foster family, she is finally ready for adoption. Chanel is on a special diet along with B12 and probiotics that help keep the booty-floods at bay. Now and then, there may be a drop of poo, but honestly, a little scat shouldn't dissuade you from adopting this otherwise perfect cat. Chanel has blossomed in her foster home, but spends much of her time in a big, comfy private room - when she would much prefer run of the house with a family of her home. She's labeled "Special Needs", but honestly, her needs are primarily a family that will maintain her diet, and give her the endless love she deserves. If you want to go home with this Prom Queen, contact us to learn more about her!My adoption fee is $150.00 and AARF wants me to tell you that their adoption package covers all expenses needed to prepare kitties like me for our forever homes. By the time you meet us, we've already been spayed/neutered (if age appropriate) and microchipped. We've been checked by a veterinarian, and we're up to date on age appropriate immunizations against rabies and FVRCP (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia). Some of us have had extensive surgeries, dental work, or other necessary procedures. AARF is committed to getting all of us entirely ready for a happy, healthy, love-filled life!

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Photo of Shelby (& Willow) felv pos

Shelby (& Willow) felv pos

Maine Coon

Female, Kitten
Herndon, VA
(when grown) -
Good with cats,
Hey there, I'm Shelby, the Maine Coon mix with a personality as big as my fluffy tail! At 6 months old, I'm still just a kitten, but don't let my size fool you - I've got energy to spare and a whole lot of love to give. I love to goof around and make my foster mom laugh with my silly antics. Whether I'm chasing my tail or doing my best acrobatics to catch a feather toy, I'm always the life of the party! But don't let my playful nature fool you - I've got a soft side too. The moment you scoop me up in your arms, I turn into a purring machine! There's nothing I love more than cuddling up close and feeling the warmth of your touch. I'll admit, I can be a bit shy when we first meet. But once I come out of my shell, I'm all in! I'll be following you around, begging for pets and attention like it's my job. And speaking of jobs, I take my role as Willow's bestie very seriously! We're like two peas in a pod, always on the lookout for our next adventure. Whether we're chasing each other around the house or teaming up to take down a wand toy, we're unstoppable together! So, if you're looking for a funny, energetic, and downright adorable kitty to join your family, look no further! I'm ready and waiting to bring a whole lot of love and laughter into your home. Let's make some memories together that'll last a lifetime! Feline Leukemia is a cat-only virus that is only transmitted to others by prolonged direct contact not casual.  Kittens can live 5-7 years, adults can live a normal life.  Vet bills are not the norm because when they deteriorate it is usually the end of life.Visit this organization's web site to see any additional information available about this pet. If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an application and a representative will get back to you shortly to answer any questions you may have. The adoption policies and applications can be found at the following links: and Email us at for general questions about our rescued cats. Email us at for general questions about our rescued dogs. See our calendar of adoption events at towards bottom) You can save animals like this one by becoming a foster! Fosters are like bridges between high kill shelters and forever homes. We need fosters so that we can save cats and dogs before they are euthanized at the shelters. If you are interested in becoming a foster, please visit: 2, 2024, 10:07 am

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