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British Shorthair kittens & cats in Princeton, Minnesota

Looking for a British Shorthair kitten or cat in Princeton, Minnesota? Adopt a Pet can help you find an adorable British Shorthair near you.

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Adopt a British Shorthair near you in Princeton, Minnesota

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These British Shorthairs are available for adoption close to Princeton, Minnesota.
Photo of Gabriel


British Shorthair

Male, Adult
Arden Hills, MN
(when grown) -
Not good with dogs, Spayed or Neutered,
DOB: 7/5/2017 Gabriel must have his teeth brushed. He loves his poultry toothpaste and an ideal time to trim his nails is when he is licking his toothbrush. Brush fur daily. No health issues but weight should be less than 14lbs. Great if he played/chased lasers for 30 min/day.  He had a stressful past experience with a foster dog in house. We tried everything over the months but Gaby ended up in the hospital with a urinary block that required surgery. Therefore we do not recommend him cohabiting with dogs. Cats can be sensitive to new changes so slow approach to new situations is key to avoid hospitals. If he shows any urinary stress, he may need special food to break up bladder crystals. Vet prescription is included. LOVES head / cheek rubs, chasing lasers, cuddling on your lap and in your bed, cool weather DISLIKES dogs, being pet on back, belly, or tail, being picked up/handled If rehoming does not work out, you can return him to us. We want a successful transition for all!
Photo of Hinata


British Shorthair

Female, Adult
Fridley, MN
(when grown) -
she has claws & whenever she sits on anything soft she lightly claws like she would a pillow/bed (even clothing that humans wear/don't wear), & so far she's been eating Pure Balance Pro+ Veterinarian Formulated soft foods, I tried giving her Aldi's (soft food) brand but she'll end up throwing it up as well as hard food, she's likes to climb on your shoulders (if you put her on there), & she'll allow you to pick her up with no problem. A neighbor who was fostering her let me have her. The last owner before didn't take real good care of her nor take her to the vet. I believe she's seven or eight years old. Somewhere where she's well taken care of and loved. Somewhere where she doesn't feel alone.

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