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Male, 4 yrs 9 mos
Fayetteville, NC
(when grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
Good with kids, Good with dogs, Not good with cats, Shots are up-to-date,
Allow me to introduce you to Bishop, a handsome 4-year-old pup with a story to tell. Bishop hails from the streets of the south, where he was trying to make it on his own and chasing the wrong type of dames. However, his life took a turn when he ended up in a scary place called "The Shelter." Luckily, he managed to escape just in time and found his way to a better life. Bishop weighs around 55 pounds, and he wants the ladies to know that it's all muscle. But don't let his muscles fool you, he's as sweet as sugar and listens better than most men. He has a mix of boxer, lab, and pitbull in him, but his handsome looks mostly come from his pitbull side. And yes, the ladies love his guns! Unfortunately, Bishop's previous foster home had cats, and they didn't get along well. So, he's currently back in boarding, where he enjoys the company of other dogs and a kind lady who takes him for walks and plays ball with him. Bishop absolutely loves his toys and chasing balls. He can get a bit "mouthy" when teased with toys, but he redirects nicely. He enjoys going for walks, but if he spots a bird, rabbit, or squirrel, he's off like Richard Simmons in a workout video. However, he responds well to correction. Bishop is a goofball who doesn't take much seriously, except for treats. Treats are serious business to him, and he'll do just about anything for one. He loves peanut butter in his kabobs but avoids rawhide to maintain his playboy figure. With his big smile and awesome personality, Bishop hopes to find his forever home. He's fully vetted, which means he's had his shots and is neutered. He is currently undergoing treatment for heartworms using a method called Slow Kill. Bishop is an easygoing, sweet, smart, happy, cuddly, and laid-back dude. He loves exercising, playing catch, and chasing balls, but he also enjoys relaxing and taking naps. He would be more than happy to lounge around in bed and watch TV with his humans. A perfect day for Bishop would involve the three C's: chasing (balls), catch, and chill. He simply wants a best friend, someone to love him and give him the attention he deserves. A house would be preferable to an apartment, but he's open to trying out apartment life if it's a good fit. Bishop is currently in training now and is available for adoption or foster. To learn more about him and start the adoption process, reach outr to us. Wecan provide you with Bishop's portfolio and an application for his forever home. Bishop can't wait to give you wet kisses and steal all your blankets.
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Boxer Boxer

Male, Adult
Fayetteville, NC
(when grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
Good with kids, Not good with cats, House-trained, Shots are up-to-date,
Draco is a 2 year old pure bred Boxer. He loves to play and has a lot of energy. Unfortunately I am going through a divorce and with my unpredictable schedule I don’t have the time to take care of him nor can I afford it. He is an amazing breed came from a good breeder. He loves going to the lake though he can’t really swim lol. He is not perfect and needs a lot of work, I just don’t have the time anymore. He does sometimes have accidents but he does not chew furniture. I would not recommend around cats. If you would like to meet him I would be open to meeting at a smaller dog park due to he’s not used to being around a lot of other dogs.
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Male, 9 mos
Fayetteville, NC
(when grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Spayed or Neutered,

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