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Burmese kittens & cats in Smithfield, North Carolina

Looking for a Burmese kitten or cat in Smithfield, North Carolina? Adopt a Pet can help you find an adorable Burmese near you.

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Photo of Sam (Special Adoption Fee)

Sam (Special Adoption Fee)

Russian Blue

Male, 5 yrs 5 mos , Special Needs
Smithfield, NC
(when grown) -
Needs special attention, Needs experienced adopter, Spayed or Neutered,
(Special Adoption Fee) Hi, I'm Sam! I am five years old, and I was returned to JCAPL 1 1/2 years ago after being adopted as a kitten with my sister. While my sister has since found a wonderful family, it has been harder for me. I came back into foster as a hyper-vigilent boy who bit and scratched a lot, like it was my job. My foster mom and dad have worked with me for a long time, giving me space and paying very close attention to my body language. I also began taking Prozac once a day a couple of months ago, and I am a totally different cat now. I am still pretty spicy. Please know that I will probably swat and bite a little bit just to let you know who is boss. It's me. I'm the boss. But if you will just listen to me when I tell you I have had enough attention or just want to be left alone, we'll be just fine. I love sitting on a lap and purring, chin scratches, and hand-holding. Although sometimes I don't like it, just to keep you on your toes. I like human attention, but I'm also happy to just sit in a window or lie on a bed enjoying life on my own terms. I'm more like a roommate who wants occasional attention rather than a lap cat. I'm a very smart and handsome boy. For a cat, I'm not the most graceful but I make my foster mom laugh every day. I would be okay in a house with another cat or maybe 2 who are passive and don't want to get all up in my business. I do better with women than men, although I'm finally starting to warm up a little bit to my foster dad. I do so want a forever family and be able to explore all corners of my house whenever I want to. Right now, my foster mom has to put all the other cats (except one who ignores me) in jail so I can come out and explore. But sometimes, even when the door is open, I prefer to stay in my room and chill out. I really am a pretty low-maintenance roommate who is up to date on all my shots, uses the litter box every time, and enjoys my wet food meals very, very much. I also adore the treats and will follow a treat across Mordor just to get it. Also, the laser pointer is a very fun toy that I have yet to catch, although I keep trying. Please take a chance on me, come and meet me at my foster parents' house, and then make me a part of your family. Are you interested in adopting Sam or another JCAPL pet you have seen? You'll need to start by completing an adoption application, available online at our website: There is no obligation to adopt by completing an application, however, we do recommend submitting an application as soon as you find an animal you are interested in. We review applications in the order they are received. Completed applications can be sent via email to , faxed to 919-300-5524 or delivered in person by visiting us at one of our adoption events on Saturdays at PetSmart in Garner (White Oak Shopping Center). We will contact you as soon as possible once we receive your application. Thanks for thinking adoption!

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