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Domestic Shorthair kittens & cats in Albany, Georgia

Looking for a Domestic Shorthair kitten or cat in Albany, Georgia? Adopt a Pet can help you find an adorable Domestic Shorthair near you.

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Domestic Shorthair

Female, 1 yr 2 mos
Dawson, GA
(when grown) -
Spayed or Neutered,
Sweet Paige is currently my most independent, non-needy, behaved foster kitten. She is absolutely precious! She doesn’t demand or fight for attention, she just calmly waits until she can ease into place beside me. She will then purr loudly while I pet her, make biscuits, curl up and go to sleep. Paige makes biscuits unlike many other cats - she gets her legs in on the action and almost marches while making hers. It’s a little bit comical but I don’t laugh at her because she’s a quiet girl and more timid than some of her foster siblings. She’s not timid when she plays though - she plays with passion and can tackle her foster brothers like a linebacker.  Paige was found on a tarp at about 4-5 weeks old - the tarp was torn and somehow one of her front legs had gotten caught. Apparently, in her efforts to get free from the tarp, she got it wrapped around her upper leg so tightly that she had a pretty bad open wound and her circulation was compromised. No one is really sure how it happened, we can only make guesses based on her condition when she was brought in to the vets office. The people who brought her in did not want her and thought the vet could just euthanize her to end her suffering. Thankfully, the vet saw some spark in this little girls eyes that said “I’m just getting started in this world and I’m a fighter”. So the vet and staff got to work - they got her free from all the tarp she’d got herself tangled in, got her wound cleaned up and treated, put her on some iv antibiotics and hopes for the best. After she made it through the first 24 hours, they kept the wound clean, kept the antibiotics going, encouraged her to eat and showered her with love. I was able to bring her home to foster a couple of weeks later. She loved the vet that decided to try and save her but she was still timid and cautious of other humans. It took Paige a few weeks before she was comfortable with me and then another couple of weeks to decide that instigating contact brought lots of joy and comfort to her. I am extremely grateful to the awesome vet who decided in a matter of seconds, that that sickly, wounded, mad, tiny ball of fur was worth trying to save. All little Paige needed was a chance!  Paige has never been around children or dogs. She has come so far in her short little journey and I feel like she can adjust to any situation with love and patience. However, I think it would be best for her to be in a quieter, calm environment to begin with. Loud, excited, busy homes are not going to be ideal for Paige. I thinks she could adjust to any dog that is typically laid back and doesn’t bark a lot. The main factor in any new home is always the patience, love and understanding of the human in charge.  You can submit an adoption application for Paige at Please email if you have any questions or would like more information on Paige. ##1559119##

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17.9 miles

Humane Society of Terrell County

Dawson, GA 39842

Pet Types: cats, dogs

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37.6 miles

Moultrie-Colquitt County Humane Society

1412 1st St NE, Moultrie, GA 31768

Pet Types: cats, dogs

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