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Domestic Shorthair kittens & cats in Madras, Oregon

Looking for a Domestic Shorthair kitten or cat in Madras, Oregon? Adopt a Pet can help you find an adorable Domestic Shorthair near you.

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These Domestic Shorthairs are available for adoption close to Madras, Oregon.
Photo of Molly


Domestic Shorthair

Female, young , Special Needs
Redmond, OR
(when grown) -
Needs special attention, Needs experienced adopter, Spayed or Neutered,
Meet Molly! Molly was surrendered to BrightSide as the previous owner could no longer care for her. Molly, since being here, has kept to herself making her a cute and quiet addition to many types of families! For now, she has been a quiet and curious cat eager to know what comes next in her life! We are waiting and socializing Molly more to be able to make updates on his personality as he spends time here and make her more comfortable. After being vetted here by our veterinarians, Molly did unfortunately test Positive for FeLV. Despite her diagnosis, she is a happy and adorable cat ready for a home! Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is a contagious viral disease of cats that weakens and suppresses the immune system. It spreads through bodily fluids (saliva, urine, feces) when cats groom each other or share food/water bowls and litter boxes. It can also spread from mothers to kittens before birth or during nursing. Young kittens are much more easily infected than are adult cats. FeLV cats are less able to defend themselves against a wide range of infections that would not normally cause a problem in healthy cats. A variety of symptoms could develop, and there is a progressive deterioration in their health over time. It is recommended that this cat have regular examination every 6 months by a veterinarian to ensure it is still otherwise healthy. Keep this cat up-to-date on routine vaccinations and preventatives since it will be more susceptible to disease. It is also important to bring this cat to the veterinarian as soon as any signs of illness are present. FeLV cats can live with other species (dogs, bunnies and so on), but must be an only cat or live only with other felines who have the disease. Your cat will need to be kept indoors only to prevent it from acquiring infections as well as to prevent the spread of FeLV to other cats. If you are ready for an only cat looking for love, come meet Buddy today!
Photo of Cam


Domestic Shorthair

Male, adult
Bend, OR
(when grown) -
Spayed or Neutered,
We are looking to rehome our cat, Cam. Cam is almost 8 years old and has been with us since he was 5 months of age. We adopted him from the Humane Society. Despite our efforts to curb his behavioral problem, he continues to urinate on soft material we leave on the floor or new furniture we bring into the home. We are hoping to find an owner who has patience and knowledge of how to work with cats who urinate in undesirable places. We have multiple litter boxes, have sprayed the areas he has peed on, and used special cat litter that encourages him to use the litter box. We have had other cats and dogs since he became a member of our family. Our home is also very loud and busy. Cam has always been an extremely timid, shy cat and I am convinced that our home is too stressful for him. I have a strong feeling that he will do well in a home with a small family, with no other animals or one animal that is not a feline.

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26.4 miles

BrightSide Animal Center

1355 NE Hemlock Ave., Redmond, OR 97756

Pet Types: cats, dogs

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