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Anatolian Shepherd

Male, Adult
Marietta, OH
(when grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Needs experienced adopter, House-trained, Shots are up-to-date,
Tiny is a majestic 2-year old male (possible) Anatolian Shepherd mix who was brought to the HSOV on April 28, 2024 by a Good Samaritan who found him on State Route 550 in the Barlow Ohio area. Tiny was not wearing a collar, and he was not microchipped. Tiny has a tan medium-haired dense/thick coat with cream-colored highlights, a long fluffy/bushy tail, and a handsome Shepherd face with black shading, beautiful brown 'teddy bear' eyes, a long slender muzzle, and short floppy ears. This big boy is a social butterfly with a gentle disposition and a super-friendly, outgoing personality. Tiny was happy when HSOV Adoption Clerk Lauryn Hamilton accompanied him for outdoor photos late in the afternoon on April 28th, and he gave Lauryn lots of 'bear hugs' and kisses. Tiny couldn't believe his good fortune when HSOV Lead Feline Kennel Tech Hayley Sturm joined him and Lauryn for the photo session, and Tiny had TWO beautiful girls giving him extra TLC ... Much to Tiny's delight. Tiny loved standing upright with Lauryn and Hayley as though he were a suave charming dance partner, and he also decided that he was a lap dog when Hayley sat down in the green grass. Tiny weighs 64.6 lbs and walked gently on a leash for Lauryn. He has not yet been neutered. In compliance with the Ohio Revised Code, Tiny will be held for three days so that his family will have an opportunity to reclaim him with proof of ownership. Surely someone is missing this fantastic guy! Since he was not reclaimed, Tiny went home with a foster family on May 8, 2024 who plans to adopt him after he is neutered. UPDATE: Tiny was returned by his foster family on May 18, 2024 since Tiny had separation anxiety tendencies, and they felt he needed a home where someone would be with him 24/7 or could work with him to overcome his fear of being left alone (or in a large crate for his safety). They loved Tiny and provided insights about him while he was in their home: "Tiny is a pleasant cuddle buddy. He is an intelligent quick learner and is food motivated. Tiny comforts you when you're upset. He will break out of crates but is fine when someone is with him. Tiny tends to be a little aggressive towards other male dogs but is good with puppies. He is fearful of a grooming dryer. Tiny is housetrained." Happy news for Tiny. He went home with a new foster family this afternoon (May 19, 2024) who plans to adopt him if all goes well (and after he is neutered). UPDATE: Tiny was returned to HSOV later in the afternoon on May 19th since he was a little too energetic/playful with the family's small 3-year old child. Tiny went home with a foster family on June 9, 2024. He is still available for adoption.

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