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Tosa Inu puppies and dogs in Manchester, New Hampshire

Looking for a Tosa Inu puppy or dog in Manchester, New Hampshire? Adopt a Pet can help you find an adorable Tosa Inu near you.

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Photo of MOE - South Korean Meat Trade Save - $350

MOE - South Korean Meat Trade Save - $350

Great Dane

Male, adult
Manchester (location MAINE), NH
(when grown) X-Large 101 lbs (46 kg) or more
Good with kids, Good with dogs, Good with cats, Spayed or Neutered,
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website. MOE was saved with his mother and 5 siblings as a few day old puppy from a horrific dog meat farm in South Korea, by our amazing friends, Save Korean Dogs. Moe will be coming to GaDaH is Sebec on 22nd October 2022. MOE is neutered, rabies, core vaccines, heartworm and tick tested negative. He is on monthly preventatives. He has an estimated date of birth of around 15 January 2021 and at weighs around 75 pounds. We take a lot of pictures and videos and don't always have the time to post them on the dogs individual webpage and adoption site, so we ask that you go to the rescue  YouTube channel  and  photo albums on our Facebook page  to see a LOT of pictures and videos. When Moe first arrived at the rescue, he was very nervous as to be expected after all he has endured. He was skittish to any sudden noises, jumping up and darting to a different area, before coming back to check things out and hesitant to come inside after being outside in the fenced in area. After a week of being here, Moe has settled in great, he is still jumpy to sudden noises or movements, but he has relaxed so much more, his tail is up and constantly wagging, his body a lot more relaxed and has the past few days (30 October) been getting very playful. He has been dragging the blankets off the dog chairs, starting to chew on some of the dog beds, doing the play bow and having the zoomies when I am either outside or trying to get him to come inside, chewing on bones and toys and starting to accept treats and actually eating them - although this is still work in progress. Moe does cower a little if someone has their hand over his head, but is getting better here too, so it is advised and should be done with all dogs that when you want to stroke, or pet them, you go from under his /their chin, or side of the cheek which is a much better and comfortable approach for the dogs (as it would be for humans too). Moe is great with the other dogs and shows zero interest in the cats. He also rides good in the car. MOE needs a family who has the time and patience to understand he has been through a lot and the US is very different to where he came from, all the different, noises, smells and such, but of course as animals are amazing at doing, they do adapt quickly. We are looking for a family that has a fenced in yard as he is still somewhat skittish and want to ensure that he cannot run off, plus it is a safe environment for him to play and run around and have fun. We are looking for an active family as he is a big boy and needs to build up some muscle mass as he gains some weight as he is rather thin, and lead a happy healthy, (physically and mentally) life. Although Moe is only part Great Dane it is very important for his family to research common medical conditions for the breed and ensure that he is put on bone and joint supplements at the very least as he is a big boy. He should be fed a high quality food specifically for giant breeds to ensure he is getting the extra nutrients he will need throughout his life. This is what the amazing South Korean rescuers told us about him. MOE is one of six siblings who were rescued just a few days after birth in January 2021. One of his adopted siblings was DNA tested and revealed that they are 50% Great Dane! The other half is made up of smaller breeds so he is a very manageable 75lbs :)   Moe is a sweet dog, walks well and is people-friendly. He gets along just fine with other dogs. His adopted siblings are doing very well in their homes and have proven to be adept at both playing and napping. We think Moe will be just as successful.     MOE is available for adoption from Give a Dog a Home Rescue in Sebec, Maine for an adoption fee of $350. This adoption fee covers the cost of running a brick and mortar rescue as well as any transport, veterinary, food, treats, toys costs and the many expenses that rescues endure to keep the pets in their care safe, and happy. Be sure to read all his information and if interested, go to the rescue website to submit an adoption application. Please do NOT submit an application if you are not able to attend a meet and greet within 2 weeks of submitting. Dogs have access and use dog doors to go outside, they will not know to let you know they need to go outside, so families must expect accidents and be prepared to teach your new dog to let you know when they need to go outside. The rescue buys food in bulk, by the truck load and there are a variety of brands and flavours. None of the food given is less than a 4* food rating. There have not been issues with eating any of the varying foods. It is important that you do your research on the ingredients and speak to your vet or a nutritionist on grain vs grain free! &#226&#128&#139You MUST understand that dogs need time to decompress and adapt to their new environment and home. It is a HUGE transition they make from the kill shelter, being vetted, on transport for 3 days and arriving in Maine where the temperature and such is very different to what they have only known. In rescue there is what is known as the "3 Point Rule" Days 1-3 your dog is stressed, anxious, confused as to where they are now. Weeks 1-3 your dog is adjusting, settling in, learning things. At the 3-month point, your dog understands they are home, and have built up a trusting relationship where they feel loved and secure. ALL Dogs are LOCATED AT THE RESCUE IN SEBEC, MAINE. We post in various states along the east coast and Canada where we have had lots of successful adoptions to enable more exposure for these beautiful saved souls. Families will need to be prepared to travel to the rescue to meet and take home their new best friend. Sebec is located just outside the towns of Dover-Foxcroft and Milo (approx. 8 miles) and approx. 45 miles from Bangor. There are also lots of hotels, motels, pet friendly accommodations and wonderful camp-sites for the more adventurous families and what a great way to get to know your new best friend. Click here to watch a video of MOE - South Korean Meat Trade Save - $350.Visit this organization's web site to see any additional information available about this pet.September 24, 2023, 12:54 pm

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