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Turkish Angora

Female, 1 yr 6 mos
Hagerstown, MD
(when grown) -
Good with kids, Good with cats,
Isabella is a sweet kitty, waiting her turn for her forever loving home! Fully vetted. Combo tested for feline leukemia negative. She gets along with other cats. Loves her cat tree. Please complete our application on her for more information also.
We'll also keep you updated on ARTIE (COURTESY POST)'s adoption status with email updates.


Turkish Angora

Baltimore, MD
(when grown) -
Not good with kids, Not good with dogs, Not good with cats, House-trained,
DISCLOSURE: The adoptable pets in our program are still in the care and custody of owners who wish to re-home their pet. Owners have enlisted Rescue Well to provide marketing and screening of applicants as a service, free of charge. All fees and adoption conditions are determined by the owner. We advise that adopters do not send payment or deposits for pets prior to adopting.  ***** Artie is 6yo, weighs 7.8lbs, is spayed, is up to date on her vaccines, is microchipped; FeLV/FIV status unknown.  Artie's guardian adds:   "She is fully DEAF (since birth) and needs a home that will be accommodating and respectful of her.  I found her as a stray kitten in 2018 and have been with her since.  She is very loving, sweet, kind, playful, interactive with other humans, and explorative.  However, she does not do well so far with other animals.  She may warm up to them though; she has never been around other cats or dogs for long enough to see if she becomes nicer to them.  She loves the outdoors, but I don't let her go out alone/unsupervised because she is deaf.  She likes to go for walks with me in a cat backpack and watching birds and squirrels.  She is used to and has no problem wearing a harness with a location tracker on her.  She has never been forced to eat on a schedule.  I leave a massive amount of food out and she eats whenever she wants.  She prefers to drink from moving water, so I have a water fountain for her.  Artie is alone in the home 8+ hours 3-4 days/week.  She goes wherever she wants during the day and during the night; she likes to sleep next to you, but she sometimes bites at night to play with you.  She also dislikes/fears water, rain, or in the bathroom.  She loves car trips; she can be outside her cat backpack, but I think she feels more secure inside it.  She is used to long road trips where we have her kitty litter in the back.  She walks around the car and uses her litter box as she needs to." Artie's guardian explains why she has made the difficult decision to rehome her:  "I am joining the US Foreign Service and am moving broad.  I am looking to rehome her in a calm, safe, and loving environment." Bite/Scratch/Lunge/Attack Incident:  In June 2023, in Bristow, VA, Artie bit her guardian; the bite broke the skin. animal control was involved, and medical intervention was required.  She also likes to play bite, scratch, and attack/hunt your legs, feet, arms and head.  Artie's guardian explains the circumstances under which Artie bit her:     "I was holding her outside while watering the plants.  She is usually very good outside supervised and loves being outside.  But this time she got spooked by the water and tried to run away.  She wasn't wearing her harness and tracking device and our neighbor had a dog that had a history of killing cats, so I didn't want to let her go (she liked to climb the fence into their yard).  I was scared she'd get lost or attacked by the dog.  So when she freaked out about the water, I dropped the hose and didn't let Artie run away like she wanted since she got scared of the water.  As I was trying to run into the house to let her down, she bit me very very hard to try and get away.  My husband heard me screaming and came out and was able to safely dislodge Artie from my hand and put her inside.  I iced my hand, but it swelled up 3 times its normal size.  I went to urgent care and they told me to go to the emergency room to get antibiotics via IV.  It was expensive, but I fully recovered quickly.  It was a terrible mistake on my part and not that of my sweet cat.  She just got spooked and I wouldn't put her down.  Since it is mandatory reporting, the police came to the house to 'interview' our cat and it went well.  Nothing further was required."   Artie's guardian offers a brief a medical history:  "She is FULLY DEAF since birth." Artie's guardian states the following regarding children:  Artie hasn't lived with children, so her guardian doesn't recommend her living with children, stating... "She has been around children guests inside my home and she does very well with them.  She plays and is gentle.  But I am not sure how she would do if they play rough, she may bite or attack them hard as well as a form of play.  She just doesn't know her own strength." Artie's guardian states the following regarding dogs:  Artie hasn't lived with dogs, so her guardian doesn't recommend her living with dogs, stating... "My cat has not really ever been around dogs.  We visited a household with a dog in it for a few days once, and we just kinds kept them apart.  My cat will either run and hide from the dog or hiss/swipe at them." Artie's guardian states the following regarding cats:  Arties hasn't lived with cats, so her guardian doesn't recommend her living with cats, stating "She was very mean to a guest kitten we had at our house once.  She hisses and is aggressive towards other cats".   Artie's guardian describes her as: Very active Playful Friendly Likes to be touched Affectionate Independent Always at your side Likes men Likes women Artie's guardian describes her ideal future home: "I'd prefer to rehome her with someone who already knows how to care for cats because she has a tendency to bite hard, attack you while you sleep (she is playing, but she doesn't realize her own strength) and enjoys meowing loudly frequently throughout the night (hasn't changed in 6 years so far).  Therefore, anyone who cares for her will need to be aware of this and still be able/willing to care for her lovingly and unconditionally.  I think Artie would do best in a household as the only pet." Rehoming Fee:  None Location:  Gainesville, VA/Washington, DC - NOTE:  Guardian states she "will drive a fair distance if someone will truly care well for my baby".  ***** ADOPTION PROCESS  1. If you are interested in ADOPTING me, please CLICK HERE:  ADOPT ME 2. When your application is received, a Placement Manager will do a basic screening. Applications will be forwarded to the owner for further screening and continuation in the adoption process.  3. Please give us 48-72 hours for a Placement Manager to respond after you submit your application. If it has been longer than that, please email: PLEASE NOTE: We provide ALL of the information we have on this pet, here on this page, in its entirety from the pet's owner. For more on how our process works, please read our DISCLOSURE.   IMPORTANT: By completing an adoption application, you consent to Rescue Well screening your application, contacting your references, and forwarding your application to the pet owner for further consideration. All adoption decisions are determined by the owner.     July 21, 2024, 6:50 pm

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