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Snoop Dog

Xoloitzcuintle/Mexican Hairless Labrador Retriever

Male, 10 mos
San Diego, CA
(when grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
Good with kids, Good with dogs, Shots are up-to-date,
Dog’s location North SD County (If this ad is running the dog is available!) 1) If you are outside of SoCal, transports are available, short & long distance at low cost. Inquire. If you prefer to meet the dogs prior, welcome to travel. 2) If you are in SoCal please be prepared to travel 1-4 hours round trip to meet the dogs depending on your location. Short distance transports are available at low cost. Inquire. Please respect our volunteer time. Serious inquiries only. IMPORTANT! Please check your Spam/Junk folder periodically for replies. ——————— Meet Snoop dog, a “Mexican Hairless Dog” aka Xoloitzcuintle. “The Xoloitzcuintle is one of several breeds of hairless dog. It is found in standard, intermediate, and miniature sizes. The Xolo also comes in a coated variety, totally covered in fur. Coated and hairless can be born in the same litter as a result of the same combination of genes.” Snoop came to us from Mexico. His shot records are under this breed & the person who brought him to the US said he received him as a gift from the relative breeder but could not keep him. We were glad to have him as he is a great pup with wonderful demeanor, cheerful personality and he loves everyone. His age is estimated at about 8 months old. Vaccinated, microchipped, not yet neutered. His weight is at about 25-30 lbs and he do t get much bigger. We don’t know if he is purebred or mix so we marked him as lab mix.. miniature that is :) And he is just as friendly. Snoop has a Good appetite and high metabolism. He stays active but not a spazz as you can see in the video. He will play with others but is on a mellow side. Not overwhelming. He stays quiet when indoors, no uncontrollable barking. He doesn’t not have a street dog mentality which I dictates he comes from a domesticated bloodline which is a big plus. Snoop would make a great pup for someone looking for a smaller/ medium low to non shedding dog. He does need a yard space to go potty often. Apartments and mostly leash walks is not a good fit for him. He loves to run free, friendly with all dogs. Listens and stays calm when asked of him. Submissive and not demanding. This is a fun athletic pup of good nature for an active person or family that has time to entertain him and spend time with him. He is definitely not a couch potato but will enjoy a down time after a good run around. Other friendly pups at home of his energy is a plus but not a requirement. Older dogs are not the best fit. Video clip of SnoopDog: If you are interested to adopt this sweet boy please contact us directly with your phone number & detailed information about the adoptive family at: For faster response you can submit an adoption interest application below. Any relevant photos, videos can expedite the process. Tax deductible adoption fee applies, inquire. (Credit accepted with 5% merchant fee) IMPORTANT: Check your Spam/Junk mail folder periodically for replies!
We'll also keep you updated on Barron's adoption status with email updates.
Special Needs
Photo of Barron


Xoloitzcuintle/Mexican Hairless Labrador Retriever

Male, Young
San Diego, CA
(when grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
Good with dogs, Needs special attention, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered,
You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Here is a gorgeous boy Barron a Xolo/Lab Mix that is 11 Months Old.  He loves people and toys and will make a lovely family pet.  He loves to go for walks on a leash, crate trained and house trained.  Barron has stenosis (blockage) of his nose which has been corrected with surgery, which was a balloon inserted so that he can breathe correctly. Barron is vaccinated, microchip and neutered.Visit this organization's web site to see any additional information available about this pet.July 13, 2024, 6:21 pm

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Photo of Armando



Male, 11 yrs 5 mos
Vista, CA
(when grown) Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less
Not good with kids, Good with dogs, Not good with cats, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Hi! My name is Armando but my friends call me Mondo. One of my favorite things to do if you have carpet is roll around on my back first thing in the morning when I wake up. It feels so good! And then I run back and forth to get the blood flowing so I am ready to go outside. It's like I just know that today, just like yesterday, is going to be a great day! I am a shy (at first) but loving little dog. I love to go on outings with my people and pup friends but I need a little time getting to know new people. My fun things to do are dancing in the morning down the hall to go outside and dancing at mealtime. Okay, I just love dancing! To some, I seem tough on the outside but I really am a teddy bear on the inside once you get to know me. I will admit, I do still have some trust issues so I will need you to take it slow with me, let me come to you, and have some tasty treats on hand and I will warm up fairly quickly. I will want to be where you are but it will be best to just let me tag along with you until we get to know each other better. Eventually, I will rub my head on your leg, sit next to you on the couch, and possibly even sleep on your lap while you watch TV. I was originally found as a stray when I was a pup. Scared I made poor choices so I went to a long-term foster home to learn how to deal with my emotions and to choose my reactions in a more mature fashion. They gave me the name Armando so it’s the only name I know. Now that I am better and more mature, oh and the pandemic is over, I am ready to find my forever home, could it be with you? Because of my size and personality, I will do best in a home with no children. I can live with another dog close to my size if they don’t mind me being a little bossy every once in a while. I prefer to have another pup around to show me the ropes and to learn from in terms of who to trust. I won’t feel targeted if there is more than one of us. As I shared before, I adore snuggling but I don’t share my cuddles with just anyone, I prefer to get to know you a bit first. It takes me a little time to become comfortable with new people and places. I like to take my time approaching new situations and I need people to allow me to not be rushed. If allowed to go at my own pace I will warm up as I become more familiar with you, the environment, and the new routine. I have been attending adoption events and letting so many people give me treats and pet me, even some have been able to pick me up. Oh, and I am always up for going out on a walk too. While I am crate trained, I prefer to have it open as an option for a safe place rather than being locked in. Exercise keeps me happy and content and I am happy to wear my harness until we are totally comfortable with each other. This way you can easily clip the leash on so we can go on walks without either of us feeling uncomfortable. Eventually, we won’t need to be so cautious. I may surprise you as to how fast I feel at home with you! Trust me, once you get to know me you will just adore me and my cute playful ness! If you think we may be a good match, or you would like to get to know me better, please click the Adoption Application button below my bio on the rescue website, here is the link - Due to home introductions that are part of the adoption process, we can only accept applications from interested parties who are in or near North County, San Diego, California at this time.

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