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American Bulldog

Female, Adult
Fargo, ND
(when grown) Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)
Not good with kids, Not good with dogs, Not good with cats, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
{s3829code380/} If you would like to provide this dog a loving home, please fill out a pre-adoption application.  Have a question? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions and Adoption Processed Explained documentation. _________ B I O ______________  Name: &#226&#128&#175Carly Size:  ~Large range: 61-100 lbs  Adoption Donation:&#226&#128&#175 $75 (applicable sales tax included).&#226&#128&#175 Adoption fees may be paid by cash or check.&#226&#128&#175  Other:&#226&#128&#175&#226&#128&#175 Spayed Female, Vaccinations current, Microchip, NO Other Pets, Older/Considerate Children Only, and Fenced-in yard required. **   Carly has been diagnosed with urinary incontinence. This is controlled with medication. The cost is $40 for a 30-count box, 1 box should last her about 30 days. This dose could change as recommended by your veterinarian if the current dose can no longer manage the incontinence. Carly also takes over-the-counter Zyrtec, 1 tablet daily as needed for mild allergies.   Carly &#226&#128&#175is a super sweet girl!   Foster Home Feedback  * &#226&#128&#175 NO Other Pets, Older/Considerate Children, and&#226&#128&#175Fenced-in yard required.  Medical Feedback:  For anyone interested in Carly, I'd love to explain her urinary incontinence. If you didn't have to give her a pill in her food for it, you wouldn't know she has an issue. Carly takes 2 pills of Incurin a day, just in the morning, and takes it right in her food. Her incontinence is managed great with this medication. She has never tinkled with excitement, she's never had an accident, and if needed - she can kennel for up to 8 hours with no issues at all. 2/28/24 Foster Feedback: Carly is doing great but does not appreciate this snow/cold business interrupting her daily walks. Rude! Here are some key things we're working on daily: door manners, 3 sec rule with other dogs outside engage/disengage, loose leash training. What's new with Carly? She's on the 5th week of over reactive training ( new location and dogs), 2nd class she's been in. She had a little trouble with adjusting but she's making progress. We got the go ahead to train with a friend to slowly introduce her dog and Carly at a 50 ft distance. Hoping this will help with future socializing, ongoing trainings, and events. Carly loves playing tug with her toys, stoop watching the neighborhood, her snacks and napping (don't we all, ha), coffee Friday day or pup cup day! Carly is not a fan of the vacuum cleaner, loud noises, not loving her food (adding a little soft food in to assist).  No accidents, she isn't kenneled while we're out and longest she's been alone is 6 hrs. She takes Incurrin for incontinence daily and an allergy pill for her skin. Dan and I work from home and Carly likes to spend most of her day in his office.  11/8/23 Foster Feedback: Carly is potty trained, no accidents so far. She goes right to the door when asked. We haven't left her unattended yet, we'll have a better idea on how that goes this weekend with a short errand run. We haven't introduced her to my niece and nephew yet, they are 4 and 7yrs old. She is the Queen of couch potato and found her favorite spots in the house for napping. She gets very distracted at the window and on walks. We'll be attending training for that. Carly loves her daily walks and playing with all her new toys, napping during the day and especially treats.  She's really enjoying the big back yard doing daily perimeter checks and chasing away the squirrels. As of right now she might do best in an only dog family, but with training and time that may change. We're excited to see her blossom and her personality come out daily.  5/21/23 Foster Feedback: We seriously cannot believe Carly has not been adopted yet! We absolutely love having her, she is such a great dog - so easy! Nothing really new has changed with her, she still spends her days mostly napping, relaxing, watching out the window, playing with her foster brother, and snuggling mostly with her foster dad. Carly is such a sweet girl and absolutely loves people. The only thing we are still working on is her walking etiquette; but with treats and cheese, she does so much better. She tends to get excited if we see dogs on walks and wants to pull, so the treats help keep her focused and not pull as much. Besides walks, she is such an easy girl. Carly is kennel trained and sleeps great through the night, knows exactly when it is time to eat, and is the perfect balance of active and lazy. Someone will be so lucky to have her, she is full of love to give and deserves the best home!  1/18/23 Foster Feedback: Carly is doing so well and we absolutely love her! Here is a day in the life of Carly: Carly starts her day off by eating right when she wakes up, then goes out to go potty, but she prefers to eat before she goes outside!! Then she loves to come and take a morning nap in bed while we get ready for work, and she knows she gets to come too. She LOVES car rides!! We take Carly to our office just about every day, but when she needs to stay at home, she kennels wonderfully. At work, Carly spends most of her day taking naps, playing with her toys on her dog bed, and greeting people at the office. She LOVES people, especially guys! She does great all day at work. You barely know she is there. Then at about 5 o'clock, she knows it is time to go home and eat. Once she eats, she spends time playing. Because she is so quiet all day, she likes to get a little energy out after she eats! On really cold days, she gets too cold outside, so is very quick to come back in!! On nicer days, she loves a good walk outside. After her dinner and playtime, Carly is all ready to cuddle in for the night and snuggle with us. She is the best cuddler! Carly is such a good girl, and we seriously can't believe someone hasn't adopted her yet. She does take medication for her urinary incontinence, but it is managed great with her medications. She has never had an accident in our house. She is really doing great! Someone will be so lucky to have this beautiful girl. She is a such a people dog and can't wait to find her forever family who will love her just as much as she will love them! If you are looking for a loving girl who loves people, enjoys being active but still loves to be lazy and take lots of naps, and looks like a tiger, this is your girl! Apply today!   10/25/22 Foster Feedback: Ahhh where to start with this little tiger lady, we have had Carly for the past 2 months and absolutely adore her. We love to call her cute, cute Carly, because she is simply the cutest!! Here are some things to know about our favorite tiger lady: -She is the cutest. She seriously looks like a Siberian tiger and has the most unique markings, hence why she is our tiger lady. -Carly is just the sweetest. I have never seen a happier dog than this girl, especially when you come home. She gets SO excited to see you!! She has a solid 5 minute stretch of excitement including zoomies, little jumps, showing off her toys, giving kisses, the whole 9 yards, then after a good few minutes, she is back lounging on the couch, just observing what you are doing with her favorite toy. -This girl kennels great and is very treat motivated. She loves all treats and takes them very nicely, but her favorite high-reward treat is string cheese.  -She LOVES people. We take her to work a couple times a week and she loves seeing the girls at our office and does great hanging out in our offices taking naps, playing with her toys, and enjoying walk breaks. You barely even know she is in your office with you. -She is turning into a little cuddle bug, it wasn't her thing right away, but she loves to be cuddled up next to us now. -Carly loves to be active, yet she is overall a very calm dog. She loves to run and play in the backyard and loves walks. She is VERY strong and sometimes pulls on her walks, but is redirected very well with cheese.  -She does great in the car and she got to help my husband harvest this year in the field. She helped make sure he was doing a good job in the combine. It was a fun adventure for her!! -All night long she sleeps in a chair in our living room. If you let her sleep in your bed with you, she highly enjoys it and really doesn't move at all. -Carly makes my husband and I so happy!!! She is just a goofy girl with the sweetest personality. Her muscles are insane, she is like a little bulldozer bulldog, so older kids are required for her. She has loved all of the people she has met, so she does great with everyone. -She is such a great girl and will make any family so happy!!! If this sounds like your girl, apply today!! She's excited to meet you!! 9/9/22 Temporary Care Feedback: Our beautiful tiger lady is just the sweetest. Carly loves treats and takes them very gently. She is a great walker and loves to explore the outdoors. In our house, she is very laid back, just hangs around, plays with toys, and naps. She is a great sleeper too. She loves to sleep in bed with you and barely moves all night. Carly has met some human friends with us and did great, she seems to really enjoy males. Carly has been a great office companion too. I took her to work and she laid on her dog bed all day, greeted people she saw, and had some great walk breaks throughout the day. Carly is looking for a family to call her own. 8/11/22 Volunteer Feedback: What a beautiful girl Carly is! She has such a gentle spirit you wish you could give her kisses and pets all day long—and luckily, she would like that too! Carly is a low-vigor dog who has a subdued approach to life. She walks at a beautiful leisurely pace, but, honestly, she would prefer to lounge around. She enjoys squeaky balls, but is not a huge fan of chase or fetch—she just likes to lie down and go to town squeaking! When alone, she does wonderfully—she does not whine or bark; instead, she just rests and patiently waits for her turn to receive attention. She knows “sit” and happily follows the command for a treat. Carly does have trouble holding her urine, so she requires training in that area. Training this stunning girl will take a patient and authoritative owner (who keeps good treats on hand!) She is an affectionate girl who appreciates a good pet but does not think of herself as a lap dog; instead, she enjoys laying down beside her owner and receiving pets. Carly is a spectacular girl who is worthy of a home that can shower her with the love and affection she deserves (and will undoubtedly give back)! 7/30/22 Volunteer Feedback: Carly is a soft-hearted, gorgeous girl! Her beautiful, tiger-like coat makes her the center of attention—and rightfully so! She is a gentle giant when receiving affection, but she can also be an independent and strong lady. She needs an owner who can effectively handle and guide her since she is a powerhouse (when she wants to be!) While she can be somewhat stubborn on a leash if she fixates on another dog in the distance, when she is distraction-free, she walks at a beautiful leisurely pace. She still needs to work on her cues, but I am sure that she will learn splendidly with an owner who is patient with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind girl like her. To view additional dogs available for adoption, please see our website: May 25, 2024, 3:00 pm

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Special Needs
Photo of Patch


English Bulldog French Bulldog

Male, Adult
Fargo, ND
(when grown) Med. 26-60 lbs (12-27 kg)
Needs special attention, Needs experienced adopter, House-trained, Spayed or Neutered, Shots are up-to-date,
Patch is a 7 ½ yr old neutered miniature bulldog (½ French bulldog & ½ English bulldog) that loves napping in the sun, laying between your legs under a blanket, and alerting you to bunnies or squirrels in the yard. Unsure how he is with cats or children – he can be stubborn and get anxious. Other dogs ok but ONLY if non-aggressive. His mom is moving to another state and is unable to keep him but is devasted at the thought of giving him up and prays to find him a LOVING and very PATIENT home that can give him the great life he deserves. He’s a true bulldog and comes with skin allergies & stomach sensitivities, but he’s also a quirky, curious, funny little boy that makes his mom laugh every day. A bulldog’s needs can be expensive, but his are totally manageable with easy but consistent care. If you have prior experience with bulldogs and can commit to opening your heart to give PATCH a forever home, PLEASE contact me.

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