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So, you've been thinking about adopting
a Blocky headed dog - Pit Bull or otherwise!

As you may have gathered from reading through our website, society isn't always kind to pit bull owners. Breed bias is still a thing and pit bulls AND their owners can feel a lot of pressure to be 'perfect.' What a project! Because we know how challenging it can be to live under other peoples' microscopes we ask that you fulfill these requirements in order to adopt one of our dogs:

1. Be at least 21 years old
We occasionally make exceptions for younger, rock solid applicants.
2. Be Local to the SF Bay Area.
Or, be willing to drive here to meet in person. We don't ship dogs.
3. Fill Out an Application and impress us with your dog savvy!
4. Must Own or Have Landlord Approval. Yes, we'll check.
5. Chat with one of our Reps.
6. Show that you have a clear understanding of the Breed Challenges
7. Agree to take a video of your home and yard as part of a 'home visit.'
8. Everyone in your Household needs to be ready for the adoption too. Yeah, we'll check.
9. Pay a $250 Adoption Donation Fee
10. Sign a Legally Binding Adoption Contract

Note: We rarely place same-sex large breed dogs including Pit Bulls in the same home. Apartments/Townhouses are fine, but if you have a backyard, we want to see a solid fence and a safe environment.

In return, you'll get a get you can brag about for life. All our dogs come with basic obedience training (which you get to continue free for the life of the dog!), support from a large group of pit bull owners and opportunities to help our cause through educational events and other fun activities.

Join us! We look forward to working with you!


We're a small and busy non-profit organization of pit bull owners, trainers, educators, rescuers, and supporters. BAD RAP evolved out of a desire to respond to the difficult issues facing this misunderstood breed.
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Mission: Securing the future of Blocky Headed Dogs as cherished family companions.

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