Furget Us Not Animal rescue in Shelby Township, MI

We are a foster based rescue interested in saving and re-homing adoptable animals.

P.O Box 183078
Shelby Township, MI 48318
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P.O Box 183078

Shelby Township, MI 48318

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Rescue FAQs

We help where needed, when we can. We are a foster based rescue and have foster homes in Oakland, Macomb, St Clair counties. We are willing to work with potential adopters in Michigan and surrounding states.

  • 1. Submit Application
  • 2. Interview
  • 3. Home Check
  • 4. Approve Application
  • 5. Meet the Pet
  • 6. Sign Adoption Contract
  • 7. Pay Fee

Additional adoption info

We are a foster based rescue, ran by all volunteers! It can take several days to process a single application. Please be patient. All applications are reviewed by at least one board member and then reviewed with the current foster of the adoptable pet. This is done to ensure the new adoptive family meets the needs of the pet and that the pet meets the needs of the new adoptive family. During this process, a board member or volunteer may contact you if we have any questions about the application. Please be very descriptive in your answers.

Once your application is approved, we will proceed with a veterinary reference check. In your application, you are asked to provide your veterinarian’s name and number. You are also asked if it is okay for us to contact your veterinarian within the adoption application. During this reference check, we do ask if all of your current and past pets have been up to date on their vaccines, spayed or neutered and kept on heartworm preventive. Please make sure that if you use more then one veterinarian that you include both names and numbers.

Once the veterinary reference check has been completed and approved, we proceed with a home visit. We, as a rescue, want to make sure our pets are going to safe and loving homes. During our home visits, we want to see where the pet we’ve loved, nurtured and watched grow into an adoptable pet is going to be calling home. We will check the fence in the backyard to make sure it is secure, that the bathroom and kitchen are free of things which could harm a pet and that in general, the home is pet friendly and safe.

Once the home visit is completed and approved, we set up a meet and greet. For a meet and greet, one of our volunteers, usually the foster of the adoptable pet, will set up a time to come to your home with the adoptable pet. During this time, the adoption process is completed with a contract that must be signed by both you and the volunteer. All checks and money orders should be made payable to Furget Us Not Rescue, INC.

Below is a list of the basic vet care all of Furget Us Not Rescue’s pets receive when they become ready for adoption. (Please note: This does not include the veterinary care it takes to make any rescue pet healthy enough to be ready for adoption.)

Dogs (4 months PLUS)

Spay or Neuter, Vaccines, Deworming, Flea Treatment, Heartworm Test and Prevention.


Spay or Neuter, Vaccines, Deworming, Flea Treatment and Heartworm Prevention.

Cats (4 months PLUS)

Spay or Neuter, Vaccines, Deworming, FIV/FeLV Test, Flea Treatment.


Spay or Neuter, Vaccines, Deworming, Flea Treatment.

Our adoption fees are as follows.

Dogs (over 1 year) - $350.00
Puppies (under 1 year) -$375.00
Cats & Kittens - $125.00

Please take note that we are in no way, shape or form affiliated with any other rescue or group. We pride ourselves on the working relationships we’ve built and are continuing to build within the community. We strive to make adoption the first choice in the community with families wanting to make a new additions by keeping our adoption fees low and offering a lifetime of support.

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